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Sheffield Utd's Billy Sharp is now the central villain of Welcome to Wrexham Season 2

Wrexham's Cinderella journey through the FA Cup ended cruelly Tuesday with a missed penalty and goals conceded in the 94th and 96th minutes to Sheffield United. But the bigger story was Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp becoming the first person to openly admit a genuine dislike for Wrexham and its FX television series. 

In a world where even ESPN is doing things like bringing Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney on SportsCenter and broadcasting fourth round replays to the American people, it's almost a FIFA mandate that the Red Dragons serve as your second favorite team — who can object to 90% on the Tomatometer? Who?!

Sharp. First, the 37-year-old scored the game-winner to knock Wrexham out of the Cup.  

Then he went over to Wrexham's huge traveling support of over 4,000 after the final whistle and hit them with the "mock crying" gesture. 

In the tunnel he then reportedly told Wrexham defender Ben Tozer to "shove that on your documentary."

Sharp remained extremely heated during his post-match interview. He basically accused the fifth-tier side of behaving as arrogantly as the 1980 Soviet Union ice hockey team while the Blades took on the role of the United States in the "Miracle on Ice." He's scored against the likes of Newcastle, Fulham and Bournemouth during his time in the Premier League, but I think he enjoyed slaying the Red Dragons more than anything else.   

Sheffield United's social media team also got in on the act. After Tottenham was confirmed as the potential fifth round opponent, Wrexham sent a message to Spurs that ultimately came back to bite them in the ass.  

The Blades have a squad value of nearly $93 million while Wrexham's is just over $400K, making this all a little absurd, but that just makes Sharp an even better central villain for Welcome to Wrexham Season 2. 

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