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Quiz: Can You Guess When These Chelsea Loan Players Made Their Last Premier League Appearances?

Chelsea in recent years has been known to buy a ton of players, only to loan them out. Chelsea loan players have reached a total of 39 for the 2018-19 season.

The club's most recent signing, Christian Pulisic, is a young and genuine talent. Many fans fear (some joke) that Pulisic will go straight out on loan upon arrival. Another American at the club, Matt Miazga, has been out on loan for a while and may not come back after this season. 

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It's unfortunate that so many young and talented players with enormous potential don't get to play Premier League football because of massive competition in the player pool. Some Chelsea loan players haven't made a Premier League appearance for years while others have been at the club for so long and have yet to make an appearance at all.

The majority of appearances of young, talented players at Chelsea come in the form of FA or League Cup matches. Otherwise, the most expensive stars like Eden Hazard, Willian, Pedro and Kanté are steadfast parts of Chelsea's lineup. 

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The likelihood of a young newcomer — from Chelsea's academy or brought in from another club — getting into the first team as a regular is more difficult than ever.

Since Roman Abramovich's takeover of the club in 2003, Abramovich's goal was to challenge for the Premier League. To do so, his club had to bring in star players and spend big money in the transfer window. Since Abramovich's takeover, over $2.1 billion dollars have been spent on new players.

As a result, Chelsea youth players struggle to match the level of the foreign talent brought in. Likewise, some of the purchased players don't reach the heights expected of them and they get loaned out too. 

The18 has created a quiz of 10 Chelsea loan players and their last Premier League appearance. Can you get them all right?

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