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Lukaku Hates Pineapple Pizza And More From His Twitter Q&A

Belgium forward Romelu Lukaku had fans ask him questions on Twitter and his responses display just why we love him. He replied to dozens of questions, including sharing his biggest motivation and even firing back at some haters, making this thread a must-see. As he lights up the pitch at Euro 2020, we look at the highlights from the Lukaku Q&A to get to know one of our favorite stars even more. 

Lukaku starts his Q&A by responding to a question asking about his advice for aspiring young footballers. His response was clear and concise: Work hard and believe in yourself. If Lukaku gives you advice, I would definitely listen to it. 

He then follows up with a few silly answers to small questions. His favorite movie is Training Day and his hype-up song is the Ruff Ryders' Anthem by the late DMX. He believes the Milwaukee Bucks will be crowned NBA champion because his favorite team, the Lakers, is already eliminated. Although his other favorite sport is basketball, he said if he were to play in the NFL he believes he would line up as a tight end. At 6-3 and around 200 pounds, I believe him. And do not, I repeat do not, serve him pineapple on pizza. 

Athletes have to deal with a ton of hate constantly and it was no different within this thread. Lukaku answered a tweet asking about how he deals with the constant unfair criticisms fans cast on him in the best way. He just doesn't give a fuck and that's why we love him.

Throughout the thread, Lukaku's savagery and wholesomeness come together. Some of his responses display just how dedicated he is to winning on the pitch. He doesn't care about being a top scorer, just about the success of his squad. 

He even hits back at internet trolls who say his level of play isn't up to standard with a simple comeback. Most of the haters deleted their tweets after he responded. 

Then he talked about what he used to motivate himself to become one of the best in the world, and it was a hater. 

Next, he was asked about one of the most heartbreaking moments in his career, his penalty shot being stopped to lose the Super Cup with Chelsea in 2013. Lukaku, continuing to prove he is a great role model, responded with an emotional, motivational tweet.

Even on some of the biggest stages in the world, you might fail like Lukaku. But what is important, and he illuminates this with his answer, is the response to the failure and how you use it to fuel your determination to succeed again. 

Responding to an interesting question about who the best defender he has competed against, you might be surprised to hear his retired Belgium teammate Vincent Kompany gives Lukaku the most trouble on the pitch. 

Lukaku said Kompany knows him too well; this is just greatness recognizing other greatness.

Have you ever wondered what the 2021 Serie A player of the year's favorite moment in his career is? Well, look no further. 

He answered with a picture of him celebrating his recent Italian Championship victory with his Mother, boosting the wholesome levels tenfold. Throughout this thread, Lukaku shows how family-oriented he is and how important they are to him, with his retirement plans being a carpool dad. 

The final responses provide us with some laughs as Lukaku plans to never return to having dreads.

Romelu also weighed in on who he believes to be the fastest player on the Belgium National Team, if that's even a question.

Wrapping up the Lukaku Q&A, we learned a lot about one of the best football players in the world. Hopefully, this thread illuminated how wholesome and genuine Lukaku is off the pitch and how serious and dedicated he is on the pitch. You might even have learned something new from one of the best footballers in the world. 

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