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This Ridiculously Stupid Ad With Ronaldo Might Just Make Your Whole Day, Maybe Even Week

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man brimming with confidence in just about every aspect of life. Think to yourself, have you ever seen Ronaldo uncomfortable or awkward? Sure, we’ve seen him pissed about ghost goals, throwing his armband and other fits, but I’ve never seen him out of his comfort zone.

That is until I stumbled upon this advertisement for a Singaporean online shopping company called Shopee. This commercial is a couple years old as the tune of “Baby Shark” plays in the background. These will be the only clues you get. Baby Shark, Ronaldo and online shopping. Let’s see the final result.

The pain in Ronaldo’s eyes make this video so much better. He probably made a million dollars or two from being in this ad, but was it really worth it?

Ronaldo exclaiming “Shopee??” is priceless. I genuinely wonder how many takes they did of poor CR7 trying to act surprised. Here’s how I imagine it went down.

Director: OK and ACTION!

Ronaldo: Shoppe?

Director: Cut! Cut! Cut! Ronaldo, please give us a little more surprise and energy. From the top.

Ronaldo: SHOPPE!?!

Director: God lord Ronaldo you don’t have to scream it. Shoppe isn’t coming for your family, try again.

Ronaldo: Shop..EEEEE?

Director: It’s literally one line. How can it be this difficult?

Ronaldo: Shawp eee

Director: You know what we’ll take it. Now start dancing to Baby Shark.

No offense to Shopee, but this commercial isn’t great. If this was like the Heineken commercials for the Champions League or the Qatar Airways commercials for the Gold Cup where I have to see it 15 times per game, I would purposely avoid using Shopee.

The soccer advertisement game has really fallen off since the “Winner Stays On” commercial from 2014. Here we are seven years later and have yet to top this masterpiece.

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