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Sydney Leroux sent the Twitter trolls back to their parent’s basement with one amazing tweet

Sydney Leroux has a history of going after trolls on the internet. Whether she’s making fun of former high school soccer boys on Instagram or responding directly to haters, she doesn’t let much slide.

On Thursday night Leroux, who plays for Angel City FC, learned that one of her newest teammates was 18-year-old phenom Alyssa Thompson. Angel City made history drafting Thompson, the youngest player in draft history, No. 1 overall.

A plethora of sports accounts posted about Thompson making history in the draft including ESPN. Sadly, the replies from misogynistic mooks on ESPN’s tweet were all too predictable.

Quick newsflash guys: Commenting "kitchen" on a post about women's sports doesn't make you the rebirth of comedy Christ. It just makes you an asshole.

Leroux wasn’t a fan of those responses to her team’s draft pick and gave the Twitter trolls a cold reality check.

Checkmate. Not only did she make it evident that those Twitter trolls have never accomplished anything on a sporting level, but she also subtly called them broke for buying Natural Light beer. 

The hatred for women’s sports and especially women’s soccer is something I’ve discussed before. I’m just not entirely sure where the intense level of hate comes from. It’s literally the same sport the men play.

If someone truly didn’t want to watch women’s soccer, then that’s fine in my opinion. What befuddles me are the people who actively try to put women’s soccer down when they won’t even watch it themselves. What did women’s soccer ever do to you?

I don’t want to hear any nonsense about how Leroux speaking out “pushes people away from women’s soccer.” The people she’s insulting were never going to watch a game anyway. Nothing wrong with fighting fire with fire.

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