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Good Golly Green — The Vermont Semi-Pro Team Jerseys So Good They Belong In Europe

If you’re not familiar with the name Matthew Wolff then there’s no better time to check out his work because he might have just created the jerseys of the season in America with USL2 side Vermont Green. The new Vermont Green jerseys are nothing short of a masterpiece.

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These kits are so slick you would think they belonged to a top flight European club. Vermont Green's kits could totally compete with the best kit drops soccer saw this week.

Wolff — who has designed a plethora of MLS, NWSL and USL logos and was responsible for those iconic 2018 Nigeria World Cup kits — is also a cofounder of Vermont Green. The club made its debut on Sunday against Boston City and came away with a 4-0 victory.

I love to imagine what the conversation was around the creation of the jerseys. It had to have been something like this:

“Hey Mr. Wolff, we just need some kits for our small semi-professional team in quiet little Burlington, Vermont. Nothing too crazy.”

*knuckle crack*

“So here are these top-of-the-line, world-class kits that are also made from recycled materials to match our green theme.”

The man can do no wrong.

To the surprise of no one, the crème-colored away kit has already sold out on the club’s website. If those hadn’t sold out I would be $80 less rich, but I’m still eyeing up those other two kits.

For all we know the kits might have given Vermont Green's players superpowers.

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