2. Bundesliga

Hamburg's goalkeeper just produced the worst own goal of the year with an unreal fail

A Hamburg goalkeeper own goal is going viral after shot stopper Daniel Fernandes and his defense had a complete meltdown in front of goal.

Let’s set the scene real quick. Friday’s game was a derby between Hamburg and St. Pauli, the two big clubs in Hamburg and the top two sides in the 2. Bundesliga. Friday’s game was for more than cross-town bragging rights as a win for Hamburg would tie them on points for the No. 1 spot.

In a game that big you think the players would be locked in. This Hamburg goalkeeper own goal in the 27th minute would make you think otherwise.

Meet the two promoted teams in the Bundesliga for the 2023-24 season

Agony and ecstasy go hand in hand. The pain of losing is heightened when victory is within reach, only to be snatched at the final second with no hope of recovery. Such is the nature of the final day of a soccer season. 

Hamburger Player Kicks Opponent In Stomach After Nearly Getting His Shorts Pulled Off — Gets Red Card

Hamburger SV forward Aaron Opoku was sent off during his team’s 2-1 defeat to Darmstadt on Friday after he lashed out at an opponent. 

With his side trailing 2-0 in the 64th minute but up a man, Opoku was starting an attack for Hamburger. Darmstadt’s Fabian Holland couldn’t slow down Opoku and as a last resort he grabbed onto the forward’s shorts and held on for dear life.

Opoku was pissed. Royally pissed. What happened next is a quick lesson on how to get all your teammates to dislike you.

Play Of The Weekend Isn't A Goal Or Pass, It's This Freakish Bit Of Gymnastics

European football returned this past weekend with the start of the 2022-23 season, and we were treated to some stunning moments across the continent like Lionel Messi's bicycle kick, an insane half-volley from France and a brace for Erling Haaland on

New Kids On The Block — Meet The Two Promoted Teams In The Bundesliga For 22-23 Season

Two German powerhouses return to the Bundesliga after being relegated last season and then bouncing straight back up from the second division. We may be familiar with who they are but let's take a look at the stories of how they got to this point and how they hope to continue their rebounds.

This Is Why We Love Football — Delirium In Stuttgart As Survival Clinched With 92nd-Minute Winner

There’s something about simultaneous kickoffs on the final day of the season that makes for must-watch viewing. The Bundesliga season came to a close on Saturday with all nine matches kicking off at the same time. While the title was long ago clinched by Bayern Munich (as usual), there was drama around the European places and relegation zone on the final day.

The Jersey Report: Liverpool, Bayern Munich And Other Cool Drops For 2022-23 Season

Yes, it is that time of the year. The 2021-22 season is still rolling, but we are already starting to see some of the jerseys you are going to love — or hate — during the 2022-23 campaign.

Liverpool and Bayern Munich were two big European clubs unveiling their new home kits, but Werder Bremen and a few teams from South America also shared some fabulous polyester goodies. 

Of course, you want to see them, so take my hand — or don't — and join me in this adventure.

Liverpool 2022-23 Home Jersey

Pump up music: check.

Nightclub lighting: check. 

Werder Bremen Coach Accused Of Using Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Certification

BERLIN — Werder Bremen coach Markus Anfang has denied using a fake COVID-19 vaccination certificate after an investigation was launched by German authorities, the club said.

Werder, playing in Germany's second division this season, said an investigation was under way but the coach had denied allegations he used a fake certificate following a meeting with club bosses late on Thursday evening.

"On Thursday evening the management of SV Werder Bremen was informed of an ongoing investigation into an alleged use of a forged vaccination certificate by Markus Anfang," Werder said.

German Second Division Match Ends 1-1 After Exchange Of The Worst Goals Ever Scored

With clubs like Werder Bremen, Hamburg, Schalke and Nürnberg, the 2. Bundesliga is quietly becoming the place to be. Look no further than these highlights from Friday’s match between Erzgebirge and Hamburg if you need more proof.

In a 1-1 draw, we witnessed two of the most memorable goals of the 2021-22 European season. 

Erzgebirge’s opener in the 23rd minute came after Hamburg defender Jonas David planted a clearing header into attacker Antonio Jonjić. The ball struck Jonjić in the back of the head and flew into the goal.

Schalke Begins Painful Rebuilding Process After Abysmal Relegation

Schalke endured a historically bad season in 2020-21, but the rot actually began far earlier. There were clear signs about midway through the previous campaign. The Royal Blues' last win of 2019-20 was a 2-0 victory over Borussia Monchengladbach on January 17, 2020. Manager David Wagner was then unable to prevent Schalke ending the season on a winless streak of 16 games.