Mom takes a wrong turn: A youth soccer horror story

In 2020 my creative juices were flowing as I penned three award-nominated (not actually nominated) horror stories about youth soccer.

El Tri player in hot water after throwing narco-themed party for son's 12th birthday

Mexican international and Cruz Azul defender Julio César Domínguez ("Cata") has gone viral after several photos of his 12-year-old son came to light. What's the fuss about the images? They show he threw the kid a narco-themed birthday celebration.


People were quick to criticize Domínguez online, calling him out for trying to glorify and praise criminal organizations that are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths around Mexico every year. 

The Real Betis stuffed animal toss is one of the best traditions in soccer

Soccer has a unique power. It brings people together and unites communities for the love of the game. It can be easy to forget about the humanity of a crowd when watching from afar. The match takes center stage and suddenly, the massive crowd in attendance is nothing more than a backdrop for the commentary crew to reference periodically. 

Not in Sevilla. Not for the fans of Real Betis.

¡Dio resultado! La (casi) inadvertida cábala de Antonela Roccuzzo y los hijos de Messi durante el Mundial

Fue el Mundial de Messi. El GOAT cumplió su sueño de ser campeón del mundo con Argentina, en una performance difícil de olvidar, ganada por el talento sobrenatural que llevan sus pies, la conmovedora entrega de sus compañeros en el campo de juego y también el incondicional amor de su familia en las tribunas.

Seeing the Messi kids hugging each other after daddy's goal vs. Australia will melt your heart

This World Cup is special for Lionel Messi — not only because he wants glory, not only because it's probably his last one, but also because his three kids are old enough to watch him play.

"From the very beginning, from kick-off to the final whistle, I'm thinking of my children," confessed the Argentine star after defeating Australia and qualifying for the quarterfinals against the Netherlands. 

Los hijos de Messi parten rumbo a Catar y dejan el árbol de Navidad armado en casa

Thiago, Mateo y Ciro, los hijos de Lionel Messi ya van rumbo a Catar para acompañar a su padre en el debut de Argentina ante Arabia Saudita y una aventura que esperan concluya con el trofeo de la Copa del Mundo en sus brazos.

Hijos de Messi en Catar

Vestidos con el uniforme de La Albiceleste, los tres aparecen en una foto compartida por Antonela Roccuzzo, esposa de Messi, que se ha vuelto viral. Con la lectura "Allá vamos Qatar", el post subido originalmente a Instagram cuenta ya con más de 1,5 millones de likes. 

Video: Aficionado le pidió a Álvaro Fidalgo tener un hijo con su novia

Álvaro Fidalgo se ha convertido por lejos en uno de los jugadores favoritos de la afición americanista. El español ha dejado el corazón en la cancha y el romance no deja de crecer. Tanto que un simpatizante azulcrema llegó a pedirle que tuviera un hijo con su novia. 

Aficionado le pide a Álvaro Fidalgo tener un hijo con su novia

La curiosa situación ocurrió en el último amistoso del América con el Nashville SC de la MLS. Fidalgo – quien comenzó el duelo en la banca – hacía el trabajo de precompetencia cuando un aficionado comenzó a gritarle desde las gradas:

The Most Amazing Urban Soccer Fields Around The Country

The world's love of soccer stems from many reasons, but one of the most fundamental tenets of the game is that it can be played by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. If you have a ball, then you have your Theater of Dreams. 

For far too long America remained largely ignorant of this fact — believing that the sport was only played 11-on-11 on the pristine fields of suburban America. Thankfully, that way of thinking has suffered a humiliating death (see: MLS 1.0 to 3.0), and the people's game is now thriving across the country's urban core.

Benjamín Agüero Dribbles The Ball And Reminds Us Who His Father And Grandfather Are

It's hard to say how things will turn out for Benjamín Agüero, considering he is just a 13-year-old kid. However, after seeing a couple of clips online, it is safe to say that the soccer DNA of his ancestors also runs through his blood and feet.

If you are wondering who his ancestors are, here is a gentle reminder: He is the son of Sergio Agüero and the grandson of Diego Maradona.

Yeah, talk to me about carrying weight over your shoulders.

Getting Back In Shape For Soccer Season? An Expert Nutritionist Is Here To Help

Summer vacation is over. If you've been avoiding the heat by staying inside and relaxing on the couch in front of the TV with a selection of your favorite processed foods, the idea of whipping yourself into shape for the fall can certainly feel daunting.  

But whatever your soccer goals, fitness ambitions or workout plans are, your best intentions can be sabotaged by failing to recognize the importance of nutrition, hydration and recovery in your daily training regimen.