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Remembering USMNT Victory Over Mexico In The 2002 WC: The Most Famous Dos A Cero Turns 20

It is one of the sweetest victories in USMNT history and one of the most painful for El Tri. Today, June 17, the most celebrated Dos a Cero victory of the United States over Mexico turns 20 years old.

The game for the round of 16 at the 2002 World Cup was the first and only time both national teams have faced each other on soccer's biggest stage. And since then, the scoreboard has become the favorite rallying cry among the U.S. fans against Mexico. 

The Los Angeles Football Scene Is Simply Built Different — Here Are The 5 Best Things About The Culture

Soccer — or fútbol/football as many of the locals prefer to call it — has decades of unmatched, rich history in Los Angeles. The sport’s steady growth in the City of Angels has cultivated a unique culture for the city and its fans. 

An American Great Looks Back: Landon Donovan Talks About Moments That Defined His Career

Landon Donovan is royalty in U.S. Soccer. His career is full of moments that inspired many to follow in his footsteps and keep writing history for the Stars and Stripes. 

When you sit next to him, you can feel the greatness he embodies, but you also can hear the voice of a man who chased his dreams until they were fulfilled. 

And how did it start?

The18's Peanut Juggling Challenge Giveaway

We've teamed up with our friends over at the National Peanut Board to challenge you and a friend to try to beat U.S. legends Landon Donovan and Jordan Morris in a peanut juggling challenge.

Take a look at how they did:

Two Generations, One Team: Quotes From Two Of America's Best

The United States soccer team finds itself at the beginning of a bright new era. 

The squad is young, hungry and ready to make its mark on the world’s stage, but the emerging generation knows it’s standing on the shoulders of those who came before them and helped establish the U.S. as a global force.

Landon Donovan — widely recognized as the best male U.S. soccer player of all time — is a legend of the American game, while Jordan Morris — winner of the Hermann Trophy (top college player) and MLS Rookie of the Year — is viewed as a difference maker for years to come.  

What Does Dos A Cero Mean? Explaining The USMNT-Mexico Rivalry With One Score

The first time I heard it, I wasn’t quite sure what I was hearing. I attended the first USMNT-Mexico game after the 2002 World Cup meeting, a friendly in Houston, and kept hearing fans yelling “dos a cero.” I knew enough Spanish to translate the phrase, but I had no idea of the Dos a Cero meaning and history, let alone what it would turn into.

Little did I know back in 2003, but Dos a Cero would come to define the American perspective of the USA-Mexico men’s soccer rivalry for nearly two decades. 

USA-Mexico All-Time Scoring Chart Reflects Turning Tide Of Rivalry Over Last 20 Years

When the USMNT and Mexico met on Nov. 12 at TQL Stadium in Cincinnati, it marked the 73rd clash between the two giants of the CONCACAF region. On Mar. 24 we’ll do it all again, adding another monumental World Cup qualifying chapter to a rivalry that really doesn’t need any pretense to get the blood boiling.

USMNT’s 2009 Confederations Cup Team Was One Of A Kind — So Where Are They Now?

The 2009 Confederations Cup was simultaneously the closest the USMNT has come to a major international trophy and a near abject failure. Bob Bradley’s Americans were extremely lucky to escape the group stage but then came within a Lucio header of global glory. A dozen years later, where are those USMNT players? Many of them remain fixtures on our TVs — not all as players, but as pundits. Others now fill the ranks of coaching and technical staffs at clubs around the world.