Messi Bows Out Of World Cup With Whimper, Sparking Countless Memes

This was Lionel Messi’s last real chance — his last opportunity to quiet the doubters and prove he was just as good if not better than Diego Maradona, or Cristiano Ronaldo, or god himself. Unfortunately, even the most ardent of Leo fans would have to admit the Messi World Cup performance was an abject failure.

The Internet Has Fallen Hard For Morocco Coach Hervé Renard, And We Don’t Blame Them

Morocco opened the World Cup with a match that, on paper, appeared the least interesting of Friday’s matches. But that was before the internet set sights on Morocco coach Hervé Renard.

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Like A Crab Ripping Its Own Arm Off, Man Utd Aggressively Attacked It’s Own Uselessness After UCL Exit

When you’re the most valuable club on the planet ($3.69 billion), the most popular (659 million followers) and the most successful in English history (42 major tro

Your Relationship Explained By Soccer GIFs

Valentine’s Day is a time for buying overpriced gifts, spending way too much money on a fancy dinner and pretending everything is just fine in your relationship for just one night. But no matter where you are in your relationship this Valentine’s Day, we have just the soccer GIFs for you.

Nothing matches the emotional highs and lows of love like soccer, whether it’s an unexpected winner or a devastating own goal. From embarrassing first dates to blossoming loves to heartbreaking divorce, there are soccer GIFs for everything you might come across in your love life. 

Ragnar Klavan Is Either A Meme Or The Best Player In The Galaxy

What's that, in the distance? The wind has shifted. Something smells different. There's a barely perceptible hum in the air. Yes, just barely perceptible, but it's there, no doubt about it. We can feel it in our bones. Something is on the horizon, something big. Something beyond our wildest imaginations.

The Many Emotions Of A Penalty Shootout

A penalty shootout is a time when teams go head to head to see who can score the most and throw up the least. Generally the relationship between these two events is inverse, unless you tend to throw up when happy or excited. Then all bets are off.

Whether you’re a player, a coach or just a fan, you’ll feel the ups and downs and many emotions of a shootout. Just don't get any of the emotions on your feet.

11 Footballers And Their Hilarious Cartoon Lookalikes

From The Simpsons to Charlie Brown and Shrek to Tarzan, we've compiled a list of footballers who may or may not have been the insipriation behind these characters. Take a look at the 11 footballers who most look like cartoon characters.