No Es Un Mito: Santi Muñoz Reaparece En Entrenamiento Con El Primer Equipo Del Newcastle

Santiago Muñoz finalmente dio señales de vida.

El jugador mexicano que busca la gloria en el Newcastle United, tal como el ficticio Santiago Muñez de la película Goal!, salió de las penumbras e hizo una rara aparición en el entrenamiento del primer equipo de Las Urracas.

La misteriosa lesión de Santi

La presencia del delantero de 19 años quedó en evidencia en una galería de fotos del club, que hoy preparaba su próximo duelo de la Premier League ante el Leeds United.

‘He Wanted To Fight Everyone’: Amazon’s New Diego Simeone Series Looks Rowdy

On Jan. 26, 2022, Amazon Prime Video Sport releases Simeone: Living Match by Match, a six-episode look at the "life, work and miracles" of Atlético Madrid manager Diego "El Cholo" Simeone.

The title derives from a famous bit of "Cholismo" (the idea behind Atlético success since Simeone's arrival) that the manager uttered over and over again during his side's run to the 2020-21 LaLiga title: "Partido a partido" (one match at a time or "game by game").

Champions League Round Of 16 TV Schedule Features A Massive, Pleasant Surprise

Soccer fans across the U.S. have often complained about big TV networks buying up the rights to major competitions only to hide them behind the additional pay walls of streaming services. All four major networks in the country have, at some point, been guilty of this in the last few years. So let’s give credit where credit’s due as CBS announced the 2022 Champions League Round of 16 TV schedule on Monday, including matches on CBS on six of eight match days.

Surprise Ted Lasso Claymation Christmas Episode Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Nothing says Christmas like an awkwardly animated claymation holiday story. While Season 2 of “Ted Lasso” gave us the series’ first Christmas episode, the creators of the beloved comedy surprised fans with a one-off Ted Lasso Christmas episode this week.

Reminder: NBCSN Is Disappearing At End Of 2021; Here’s Where Premier League Coverage Is Going

Back in January, we reported on NBC’s surprise announcement it would shutter NBCSN, the home of the Premier League in the U.S. since 2013, at the end of the year. As we approach the final weeks of the network, NBC detailed how it plans to continue coverage of the Premier League without the channel Americans have long grown accustomed to tuning into on weekend mornings. 

‘Welcome To Wrexham’ Trailer Doesn’t Reveal Much, But We’re Anticipating Great Things

In all honesty, the majority of soccer documentaries, unless you're a diehard supporter of the club featured, are skippable. In the end they all play out as exercises in public relations — glamorized puff pieces looking to move the needle on brand awareness. 

The Trailer For Neymar's New Netflix Series Is Here

Love him, hate him or simply appreciate the dazzling array of skills and laugh at the ability to turn into Simone Biles on the floor, Neymar is one of only a handful of footballers that completely captivate when taking the pitch. Of course there's also the lifestyle off it: the numerous love interests, the Gatsby-esque parties fueled by an annual income of $95 million, the ever-present entourage and everything he means to a football-mad country like Brazil.

Why The World’s Most Popular Player, Team Are Going A Month Without Being On U.S. TV

Another week of Manchester United football, another week U.S. networks decide the world’s most popular player on the world’s most popular team isn’t worth putting on TV. Anyone trying to find Manchester United on TV over the last month has been sorely disappointed.

Be Ready To Pay For Peacock For Another 6 Years

NBC has won a bidding war and retained the U.S. Premier League TV rights after major competition from broadcasters like ESPN and CBS. The American broadcaster announced a six-year extension with the EPL on Thursday.