Two Of The World’s Richest Clubs Want Ronaldo. Here’s Why They Won’t Get Him.

Cristiano Ronaldo transfer speculation is rife again even though the transfer window only closed at the start of September and Real Madrid won’t release the world’s No. 1 footballer until next summer (at the earliest).

As befits a player of his caliber, Ronaldo is being most closely linked with two mega-rich clubs: his former team, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain.

Premier League TV Deal Will Have A Major Impact On Transfers. Just Not The One You Think.

It will come as no surprise to even the greenest of soccer fans that, while money can’t buy you love, it can certainly buy you a solid full-back or a game-changing winger with quicksilver in his heels and an eye for goal. And a lot of money (£5.13bn or $7.91bn to be precise), spread across the Premier League’s 20 clubs, can buy a lot of quality players – and, in turn, a bigger and better Premier League TV deal – or so conventional logic would have us believe.

Recapping NCAA Top 25 Action: UNC Dominates And Akron Frustrates

Going into week 6 of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Division 1 soccer season there was one thing clearer than all the rest: parity, even among the best teams in the nation, is at an all time high.

The Unbelievable Effect Messi Has On Barcelona, Explained By Neymar

It is incredibly hard for an individual player to have an affect on a soccer match. The game is comprised of 22 players that at any one time could be making more of an impact than any one player. There could be a defensive battle on the left side of the field that renders the right winger a spectator. The left-back in a defense could be such a defensive liability that the opposing attack choses to go nowhere else but through him, leaving the corresponding right back to do little more than mark space in solitude.

This Perennial Underdog Could Move Up To The World's Elite This Year.

After its 2-0 victory over Newcastle United on Monday, East London’s West Ham United sits in an impressive fifth place in the table after five matches, ahead of such prominent clubs as Everton, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Chelsea. The results have to be reassuring for fans of West Ham, as the club is facing perhaps the most important season in its history. So just what is at stake for the Hammers this season?

Juventus’ Manager Said One Brilliant Thing To Help Paul Pogba Become The Leader Juve Needs

This article was written at a time when Paul Pogba and Juventus were struggling. Those struggles got worse before they got better, but Juve have now won 15 straight Serie A games, find themselves in first place, and Pogba is playing with all of the confidence and leadership one could hope for. This article sheds some light on how Pogba got out of an unencouraging start to the season with some help from his manager, Massimiliano Allegri.

Forget The Past. Chicharito’s New Coach And Teammates Say They See How Good He Is.

Javier Hernandez has made quite the impression at Bayer Leverkusen.

10 Stories That Have Defined The Premier League Season So Far

With the grounds of Premier League teams silent this past week for the international break, it is a perfect time to take a breath and reflect on a crazy initial month of the season.  These are the top ten stories of the first month:


This 19-Year-Old Shows How Frustrated And Desperate The World’s Best Clubs Are

The world found out who Anthony Martial was the way you or I found out about a movie like Sharknado.