Alex Morgan’s Tackle Could Have Been Lethal. The Ref Still Awarded Her A Penalty.

I want to believe in the integrity of the game. I really do. I want to believe that players go out every game with the intention of winning, that managers select players with the same intention, and that referees call a fair game. Sadly I know that this is not always the case, that across the world there have been numerous confirmed instances of bribery, match-fixing, and general corrupt behavior on and off the field. But this, this is on a whole different level. You are about to watch what might be the worst referee decision ever.

In 1997 This Man Scored The Most Powerful Goal Of All Time

If you have been watching soccer highlights since the beginning of YouTube, chances are you have seen this goal.

It’s a classic, the kind of goal that, when you first see it, makes you understand that so much more is possible on the pitch that you may have thought.

That was Clarence Seedorf scoring for Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid back in 1997, and it just might be the trademark goal of his career.

Japanese Ad Attempts To Recreate Maradona. You’ve Got To Watch It Fail.

The Japanese have outdone themselves with this TV spot for the 2015 Copa America in Chile. Is it weird? Absolutely. Racist? Maybe.

Goalie Throws A Punch At Referee (VIDEO)

One thing that is a constant in sports is dealing with bad calls from refs. The zebras are a constant target for fans and players when things don’t go a team's way - and, to be fair, they take a lot of heat. Never was this more true than for this referee in a second division match in Bosnia between Buducnosti and Banociva. Bosnian goalkeeper Romeo Mitrovic clearly didn’t agree with the referee’s decision to book him, so he decided he was gonna throw a right handed haymaker at the ref’s head.