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PSG and AC Milan’s incredibly creative tifo battle is must-see material

One aspect of fandom that soccer culture does better than any sport in the world is the making of tifos. The latest AC Milan tifo vs PSG battle is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.

PSG threw the first artistic punch when the two sides met at the Parc des Princes on Oct. 25 in the Champions League. Before the game started the PSG faithful raised a great tifo of one of their founders and actor, Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Belmondo was a suave gunslinger in several of his films and held a firearm in the PSG tifo. The gun was pointed toward the other end of the stadium at a Milan-themed devil that featured several bullet holes.

PSG tifo vs. AC Milan

The Rossoneri fans took note of those metaphorically fired shots and retorted with a stadium-wide tifo of their own.

PSG visited San Siro on Tuesday for the next Champions League group stage clash between the two sides. Milan fans made the entire stadium a tifo with texts in English and French that read “ALWAYS MILAN” and then the grand finale was Neo from “The Matrix Reloaded” stopping bullets.

AC Milan tifo vs PSG

You will never see this high level of creativity and fandom in any other sport. All you can do is tip your hat to both sets of fans for extending the rivalry off the field and onto the canvases.

It’s a shame these two sides won’t meet again for some time as we can only imagine what PSG would cook up in response.

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