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ICYMI: Alejandro Garnacho hits Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘calma’ celebration against Galatasaray

It's no secret that Manchester United’s Alejandro Garnacho is one of, if not the biggest Cristiano Ronaldo fan amongst Europe’s most promising young players and the Argentine has continuously shown his admiration for the Portuguese by recreating some of his most iconic goal celebrations. This latest time in the Champions League against Galatasaray.

Watch: Garnacho hits Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘calma’ after scoring opener vs Galatasaray

The goals, as well as the Ronaldo celebrations, are here to stay.

Only a few days after scoring what was perhaps the goal of the season against Everton in the Premier League, the United No. 17 wasted no time in continuing to show he’s ready to turn into the starboy that Cristiano Ronaldo once was at Old Trafford.

In just the 11th minute of the match, a brilliant build-up from Manchester United at the edge of the box, followed by a wonderful weak-footed strike from Garnacho into the upper 90 of Fernando Muslera’s goal, opened the scoring for the Red Devil’s in their eventual fail-packed 3-3 draw against Galatasaray.

The goal from Garnacho was followed by the now habitual ‘homage’ to Ronaldo, hitting the ‘calma’ celebration that the Portuguese once did against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou in 2012.

All of Garnacho’s Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebrations

Garnacho has been hitting the Ronaldo goal celebrations for as long as we can remember.

The first time we saw the young Argentine pay homage to the Portuguese legend was when he scored in Manchester United’s Youth FA Cup final at Old Trafford. He ran to the corner and hit the famous ‘SIU’ along with his teammates. This was in the season that Ronaldo made his return transfer to the Red Devils.

Embed from Getty Images

The following season, Garnacho broke through into the first team and scored his first ever professional goal against Real Sociedad in the Europa League and celebrated by hitting Ronaldo’s ‘sleeping celebration’ during the 2022-23 season. The assist? From the very own Ronaldo.

Embed from Getty Images

During the current campaign, Garnacho has established himself as one of United’s best players, scoring goals along the way and not missing a beat when it comes to celebrating in Ronaldo-esque fashion.

Embed from Getty Images

After scoring what could be the Puskas-winning goal of the year, the 19-year-old found no better way of celebrating his outrageous bicycle kick than to hit the ‘SIU’ celebration he once did at the beginning of his career.

Embed from Getty Images

Just give him the No. 7 already, United.

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