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BBC apologizes after reporter asks one of the most monumentally stupid questions ever

The BBC has issued an apology after one of the network's reporters asked Morocco’s captain Ghizlane Chebbak a ridiculous question during a Women’s World Cup press conference.

Prior to Morocco’s 6-0 defeat to Germany on Monday, Chebbak answered questions from the media. The second to last question left just about everyone in the room speechless.

Using my best judgement, I think the reporter was aiming to pose a question to provide a voice for LGBTQ+ people living in Morocco, where being gay is illegal. The mission wasn’t accomplished as the wording and delivery of the question came out like this.

“In Morocco, it’s illegal to have a gay relationship. Do you have any gay players in your squad and what’s life like for them in Morocco?” the BBC reporter asked.

BBC reporter Morocco question incident

A FIFA interpreter quickly announced that the question was too political and moved on to the next question while the BBC reporter protested.

How was Chebbak even supposed to answer this question? What did the BBC reporter expect, for the captain of the team to publicly out one of her players in a country where it’s illegal?

Those charged with same sex relationships in Morocco can face three months to six years in prison along with a fine up to $122.

A BBC spokesperson issued an apology saying, “We recognize that the question was inappropriate. We had no intention to cause any harm or distress.”

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