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The 5 best and worst kits we've seen for the upcoming season

It's soccer jersey weather (there's no better option at an outdoor concert), and clubs across Europe are cashing in by releasing their new threads for the 2023-24 campaign.

Below we've recommended five jerseys for special commendation in the field of aesthetic beauty while we've classified five more as ew don't think so.

Best and worst kits for 2023-24 European club season


#1. Manchester City home 

Carolina blue always looks nice and the white V-neck collar with pinstripes is class.

Manchester City jersey 2023-24  

#2. Atlético Madrid away

The kit celebrates the club's 120th anniversary and pays homage to Atléti's first-ever shirt (a half-and-half design of royal blue and white) and crest. 

Atletico Madrid away kit

#3. AS Roma home

The Lupetto (little wolf) shines bright along with a "DAJE ROMA DAJE" message on the nape.

AS Roma kit   

#4. Levante third  

I mean, look at it. Who wouldn't want this?

Levante third kit

#5. Bayern Munich third (Oktoberfest) 

High art. It reminds me of strolling through the state fair's horticulture building before getting a craft beer.

Bayern Munich third


#1. Juventus home

Adidas really nailed the furry zebra effect here, so you'll look just like a fuzzy zebra.

Juventus home jersey 2023-24

#2. Newcastle United third 

What's become the annual Saudi Arabia shirt for the Toon.  

Newcastle Saudi kit

#3. Arsenal away 

Toxic sludge. If you stand in it, it will drain your health meter. 

Arsenal away kit 2023-24

#4. Borussia Dortmund home 

Dortmund did a fan vote to reach this conclusion, proving that sometimes democracy fails. 

BVB home kit 2023-24

#5. Real Madrid away 

I'm starting a rumor that the noodle design pays homage to when Cristiano Ronaldo used to go Noodle Hair Mode during the Champions League knockout rounds.

Real Madrid away kit

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