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Stress overload? Recent picture has fans concerned about CR7's severely bit finger nails

We might've just noticed Ronaldo's only physical defect.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most successful soccer players of all time. He’s won the most UEFA Champions Leagues out of any player in the history of the competition, he’s won a league title in three of the most difficult leagues in the world, he's won five Ballon d’Or’s and four European Golden Boots with two different clubs, he's lead Portugal to to their first ever pair of international trophies and many of other individual and collective awards.

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He’s owner of one of the best resumes in all of sports.

However, and as many of you already know, with great success comes greater stress and apparently for Ronaldo, the daily pressures of being held to the highest standards of the sport, both on and off the pitch, have gone straight to one of the most common forms of dealing with emotional or mental stress — biting your fingernails.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo bite his fingernails?

Yes, and apparently very much so.

On a social media post shared by his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez on Instagram, the couple was shown having a nice time out for dinner out in the city of Riyadh without the screaming fans or flashing cameras at their surroundings.

Though, in one of the photos from the post that showed the couple holding hands, one small but clear detail in the picture had thousands going to the comments looking for answers. And no, it wasn’t the expensive jewelry.

In the picture you are able to notice Ronaldo’s severely bit fingernails, something that to this day, many fans were not aware of about the 38-year-old striker.

Cristiano Ronaldo finger nails

“Am I the only one who sees the anxiety of all the pressures that Cristiano receives reflected in his badly bitten nails?” “No need to bite your nails, relax.” and “Cristiano may be the best player in the world, but he will never be able to peel an orange” were some of many comments showing concern and worry over the Portuguese captain’s fingernail biting habit.

Despite the overall surprise from fans of the legendary striker’s ‘bad habit’, the apparent nail-biting from the former Real Madrid man can be dated all the way back to when he began his journey as a Manchester United youngster in 2003.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Pressures, stress, anxiety or whatever the case may be — going straight to his fingernails — have always been present for the Portuguese legend. He's just like any of us after all.

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So, if you ever feel bad or guilty about biting your fingernails and haven’t been able to stop, just know that Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most successful athletes of all time, is doing just fine without stopping. Well, maybe not entirely fine when it comes to peeling an orange.

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