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“You can’t be serious!” — Jude Bellingham has hilarious reaction to EAFC 24 rating reveal

While Jude Bellingham continues to show out with Real Madrid in LaLiga, EA Sports have made it their personal objective to humble the Englishman, along with other stars of the game, with their new game ratings.

Jude Bellingham’s hilarious reaction to finding out his pace in EAFC 24

“What goes up, must come down” — the person in charge of deciding Bellingham’s rating on EAFC must have said.

It’s officially FIFA (now EAFC) ratings season and like every year, we have gotten videos of players reaction to their own ratings, with Jude Bellingham’s reaction to one specific statistic stealing the show.

Real Madrid’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video where they put Brahim Díaz, Rodrygo Goes, Lucas Vázquez and Bellingham together to reveal their Ultimate Team card stats. They did a series of games and trivia to reveal their stats, and pace was the first to be revealed.

The players were asked to predict their score prior to the reveal and while most were spot on, when it came for the latest Real Madrid signing to foresee his pace rating, his reaction to the unexpected reveal was pure gold.

“I’ve got to be like 84,” said Bellingham. He was, in fact, wrong.

It was revealed that, while a fantastic season at Borussia Dortmund and an incredible start to his career at the Santiago Bernabéu would’ve been worthy of an all-round upgrade, the player didn’t see much of an increase. His pace was downgraded to a 76.

“You’re joking?” said the player. “I was more last year! So I’ve gone down?” he added.

Brahim Díaz, who was mocked by Bellingham over what he called a “generous” score of his 81 pace, got back at the Englishman saying his pace has gone down because of the way he runs. 

All in all, Jude Bellingham has gotten an overall upgrade in the game, going from an 84 to an 86 rating — an honor not many stars of the game received.

The biggest downgrades in EAFC 24

Like Bellingham, there’s plenty of other players who have suffered a downgrade in EA’s upcoming soccer game, with many suffering blows in not just one statistic, but in their whole overall rating.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Al-Nassr

Embed from Getty Images

Our No. 7 is getting old.

While Cristiano Ronaldo is still banging in goals left and right for Al-Nassr in the Saudi Pro League, EA did not overlook his transfer out of the top 5 leagues in Europe. 

The 38-year-old suffered a -4 rating downgrade for EAFC 24, going from a 90 overall rated to now 86 — the lowest Ronaldo’s rating has been since FIFA 04.

Hugo Lloris - Spurs

Embed from Getty Images

The former France mational team captain took a hard blow.

After having a lackluster season with Tottenham Hotspur and losing the World Cup final against Argentina, EA have given the Frenchman one of the biggest downgrades of this year.

The Spurs goalkeeper suffered a -4 rating downgrade, going from an 87 overall rated to now 83.

Sadio Mané - Al-Nassr


Embed from Getty Images

The African Cup of Nations champion received a big downgrade.

After going through a tough transition 2022-23 season with FC Bayern after leaving Liverpool, the winger left Europe and joined Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Nassr — all considered reasons to give him a downgrade in this year’s game.

The 31-year-old suffered a -3 drop, going from an 89 overall rated to now 86.

N’golo Kante - Al-Ittihad

Embed from Getty Images

The people’s player is no longer one of the best midfielders in the game.

A season full of injuries and a move to the Saudi Pro League with Al-Ittihad this summer has given the Frenchman a heavy downgrade.

The 2018 World Cup champion suffered a -4 downgrade, going from an 89 overall rated to now 85.

Mason Mount - Manchester United

Embed from Getty Images

Manchester United’s $50 million signing wasn’t excluded in the downgrades.

Being part of perhaps one of the worst Chelsea seasons in recent years, and having an individual season along the same lines, Mount has suffered a big decrease in rating.

The new United No. 7 got a -3 rating decrease, going from an 84 overall rated to now just 81.

Fabinho - Al-Ittihad

Embed from Getty Images

Go to Saudi Arabia, get a downgrade.

The Brazilian midfielder moved from the Premier League with Liverpool to the Saudi Pro League with Al-Ittihad and suffered the consequences. 

The former Red suffered a considerable -3 rating downgrade, going from an 87 overall rated to now 85.

Jamie Vardy - Leicester City

Embed from Getty Images

There will be a party without Vardy.

The legendary Premier League striker has gone from being one of the best strikers in the game to an ordinary one. In light of his poor 2022-23 season with Leicester, suffering a relegation to the Championship, Jamie Vardy was has gotten one of the biggest downgrades in the history of the game.

The Leicester striker suffered a whopping -7 rating downgrade, going from an 85 overall rated to now 78.

We will see if a potential good 2023-23 season with the Foxes will be enough for EA to take another look at his card and give him an upgrade from next year’s game.

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