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Magic Does Exist As NYCFC Player Hits The Bottom And Top Of Crossbar With Same Shot

Science is still searching for answers after a shocking incident Tuesday night when New York City FC’s Maxi Moralez took a shot that managed to hit the bottom and top of the crossbar. Top scientists around the world have no answers for how Mr. Moralez managed to pull off this wizardry.

NYCFC Double Crossbar Shot

Using magic outside Hogwarts is a serious offense and I’m sure Moralez will be hearing about this. 

Jokes aside this an impressive feat of physics for the ball to have just the right spin and power to hit both ends of the crossbar. The last double-doink I saw that close to scoring was the Chicago Bears losing in the NFL playoffs.

Moments like this are why I tell my non-soccer friends that Concacaf is a different realm of soccer. You will see things in this confederation that won’t take place anywhere else in the world.

The NYCFC crossbar shot wasn’t the only whacky moment from Tuesday night’s Concacaf Champions League games

In the game between Santos Laguna and CF Montréal one of the linesmen forgot how the offside rule worked. When a sloppy pass back to the goalkeeper from Santos was intercepted by Montréal the referee made a bizarre call that could only happen in Concacaf.

The Concacaf Champions League madness continues Wednesday night with Léon playing Guatemala’s Guastatoya and Cruz Azul playing Forge from the Canadian Premier League. Cruz Azul will play at the same stadium the USMNT lost to Canada 2-0. 

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