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USWNT takes first step to World Cup glory with unrivaled suit game

On the surface there's only one battle at the 2023 World Cup — the battle to see who lifts the trophy at Stadium Australia in Sydney on August 20. But we all know there are various subplots to follow: Golden Boot, Golden Ball, records to be broken and — one that's raging currently — who gets the best custom tailored threads for the event.

The World Cup travel suit has become an emblematic symbol of sport's most prestigious and distinguished event, and a few squads have already set themselves apart in this department. 

The first team to capture my eye was Brazil.

Brazil Women's World Cup squad photo

And since they've landed in Australia, I've learned that the ensemble also comes with a hat (as modeled here by Marta). I haven't seen a photo of the entire squad wearing their hats but I hope it's out there.

Marta wearing the hat

After then it was time for China with a stunning effort from Prada.

Prada China suits

Then we've got Italy, doing what Italians do best: dressing artfully and effortlessly looking like goddesses. 

Italy women's national team

But now the USWNT is about to reveal what they've got hidden up their painstakingly tailored sleeves, and it's sensational. The suits are a collaboration between London-based designer Martine Rose and Nike, and they're appropriately billed as a look "that advances sport style and expands the culture of sport for the next generation."

All I know is that it looks smart as hell.

Nike X Martine Rose

USWNT World Cup suit

USWNT suits

Nike x Martine Rose

The suits are paired with the new Nike x Martine Rose Shox MR4 sneakers. Pairing suits with sneakers has always been a polarizing look, but the Shox R4 silhouette — with the squared toe, sleek lines and exaggerated Shox absorbers — looks like a futuristic heel. 

Nike X Martine Rose Shox

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