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Watch: Local Florida man Lionel Messi casually sips on drink in random store

Lionel Messi has once again been spotted hanging out in a store in Miami. People went crazy this summer when the Inter Miami star and his family were spotted grocery shopping in a Publix.

Fast forward to December, most MLS players are in the offseason as the 2023 season will conclude with the MLS Cup on Saturday between the Columbus Crew and LAFC.

Messi appears quite laid back during his offseason. In the recent videos he strolls around a store sipping on what we can only presume is his favorite drink, yerba mate.

Messi in grocery store, again

Employees couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and Messi snapped a few photos with fans. Many people believe that the summer’s trip to Publix was staged as the grocery store is one of Inter Miami’s partners.

This latest venture looks less orchestrated and more like Messi just living a daily life as anyone else would.

The one question we have is where was Messi’s bodyguard during all this? That man is attached to the World Cup winner like glue and was surely lurking somewhere in the store.

Messi’s next game with Inter Miami will be an interesting preseason friendly as the Herons travel to San Salvador to face the El Salvador national team on Jan. 19. It’s rare to see a club play a national team but here we are.

If you’ve made it this far in the article, then congratulations! You might have wondered or asked yourself, “slow news day huh? This is the news you’re reporting on?”

To which I completely agree, however you would be shocked at how many people click on articles like this one. Something about the biggest stars doing everyday things gets people’s attention. Go figure.

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