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You thought the U.S. kits couldn’t get worse? New leak shows the 2024 ones could be awful

Footy Headlines has released a mockup of what the 2024 USMNT kit might look like and good God it’s worse than what we have now. Nike must get some sort of enjoyment off torturing U.S. Soccer fans.

The color scheme is rumored to be white on white and the guess is that the new kits will pay tribute to the 1924 Paris Olympics men’s soccer team that got the USMNT their first international win.

2024 USMNT kit leak

It would make some sense to honor the 1924 team that competed in Paris, but please don’t recreate those kits. I understand that it will be the 100-year anniversary of those Paris Olympics and U.S. team, but very few people want a return of the 1920’s.

The “Roaring 20’s” were overrated and don’t you dare bring them back in the form of a blank white shirt with a massive U.S. Soccer logo slapped on the middle.

Also, while that 1924 team did get the first international win for the USMNT, it was a 1-0 victory vs. Estonia. The U.S. then went on to get smacked 3-0 in the next round to eventual champions Uruguay.

In my humble opinion, it has been been over half a decade since Nike gave the U.S. a kit that actually looked great. There have been some alright ones in past years, but those 2018 home kits were truly the last time truly I felt something.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Please just give us a reason to want to buy a Christian Pulisic or Sophia Smith jersey, Nike. We’re begging.

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