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Shut up and take our money because we need a Pulisic AC Milan third kit ASAP

AC Milan released their third kit on Thursday and boy oh boy is my wallet about to feel this one. With the likes of Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah on the roster I, along with many other USMNT fans, have become a big Milan supporter.

I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to go all out and purchase a Pulisic Milan jersey, but the club might have just forced my hand with this new third kit.

AC Milan third kit

There is one thing holding me back. What is going on with the back of the shirt? It feels like the designers put their heart and soul into making the front look magnificent and then ran out of time for the back.

I’m getting knockoff “Barbie” vibes.

The front is where it’s at though and the blend of pink, purple, magenta, blue and green works great.

One of my favorite things about new kit releases is the gobbledygook meaning they give behind the shirt. I would love to have a club design a kit and just be frank and say, “yeah we thought the colors looked cool and the design was great so that’s what we went with.”

That’s not how the world works though and instead the creators of the Milan third kit had this to say.

The chief revenue officer of AC Milan, Casper Stylsvig said his club’s new threads were all about unity.

“This third kit is more than just a football jersey. It truly stands as a symbol of inclusion, celebrating the power of diversity with its unique design and colors,” Stylsvig said.

Adding onto that, one of Puma’s production head honchos said that the kit, “pays tribute to the fans, a unifying symbol that encapsulates not just their unwavering devotion to the club but also their love for the unique and unconventional. This jersey signifies more than football, it's a testament to the power of sport in bridging cultural divides."

Can’t we just say it’s a cool looking shirt for a soccer team?

I’m curious about what sort of inclusion and cultural divides they’re talking about here. Is the jersey supposed to be a nod to the LGBTQ+ community? Who are we including here? They did a great job of beating around the bush without actually saying who they’re talking about.

At the end of the day, it’s a snazzy kit. I give it an 8/10 rating and I will buy one depending on Pulisic and Musah’s form.

AC Milan's new shirts are available for purchase on Puma's website with the authentic jersey costing a little over $150 and the replica priced at $103.

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