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The new adidas Parley pack emphasizes perfection on the field and environmental protection off it

Wearing the proper footwear on the pitch can make all the difference for players. For decades adidas has been perfecting soccer boots to give its wearers the upper hand and create shoes that change the game. 

Now the franchise is applying that mindset to better the world and environment with the launch of the adidas Football x Parley Boot Pack.  

Parley Ocean Plastic is a material created from the plastic waste found in the ocean, islands, beaches and shores. The re-imagined plastic waste will be given new life in the  form of the soccer boot. 

The adidas Football x Parley Boot Pack includes the Predator Accuracy, X Speedportal and Copa Pure. 

Soccer Post has the trio of boots available and consumers who buy through The18 can use the coupon code “The18” for a pair of free shin guards plus $25 off their next adidas purchase on when using this link (note, to get the $25 after purchase you must click directly on this link and make the purchase). To take advantage of this offer, just put any Parley cleat plus any Tiro shinguard in your cart and then use code The18. You will receive the shinguards free and an email after purchase with $25 off your next adidas purchase. 

adidas used the inspiration of the ocean for a majestic white and lucid blue colorway on all three of the models. The iconic boots each have their own individual features but now come with the bonus of protecting the planet. 

adidas Football x Parley Boot Pack 

Barcelona star Pedri inspects the adidas Parley Predator.

Barcelona's Pedri inspects the new adidas Parley Predator.

Barcelona Femení's Mapi León with the new Parley X Speedportal

Barcelona Femení's Mapi León with the new adidas Parley X Speedportal.

adidas Parley Predator Accuracy 

The new adidas Parley Predator Accuracy

The new Predator Accuracy is a revolutionary and innovative boot that is all about, as the name states, accuracy. Precision, lightweight, advanced technology and now with Parley, eco-friendly are the features that encapsulate this shoe. The Predator Accuracy is a striker’s best friend for hitting the mark.

adidas Parley X Speedportal 

The new adidas Parley X Speedportal.

These boots are all about speed. The X Speedportal are some of the lightest shoes in the adidas arsenal and aim for comfort at a fast pace. The wavy patterns are stunning, however all the opponents will see is a blur of white a lucid blue.

adidas Parley Copa Pure.1 

The new adidas Parley Copa Pure.1

Rounding out the new Parley boots is the Copa Pure. It’s fitting that the shoe for the  creative players is part of the innovation for re-imagined plastic of Parley. The brains of  the best Copa Pure wearing players can turn a seemingly hopeless situation into  opportunities like the Parley Pack transforms what was once waste into a magnificent spectacle on the foot and pitch. 

adidas’ journey with Parley Ocean Plastic has been eight years in the making. The company started with using the re-imagined plastic in jerseys and now has revolutionary shoes to boot. The brand is committed to replacing virgin polyester with as much recycled solutions as possible in the next year. 

If precision and protection is right for you then head over to Soccer Post to get your Parley cleats and your thank you gift of shinguards plus $25 off your next adidas purchase with the code “The18”.

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