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Get soccer-ready this summer with Full 90 Fit, our 8-week program to get in amazing shape

Soccer is one of the most demanding sports in the world with an average player running around four to nine miles per game. To reach that level of endurance and stamina from scratch you’re going to need a plan. That’s where Full 90 Fit comes into play.

The18 partnered with world-class experts to develop Full 90 Fit as a workout program designed to address the unique demands soccer places on athletes. It differs from other workout plans in that it’s made specifically for soccer players. This isn’t another run-of-the-mill schedule that promises a six-pack at the end of the journey. Full 90 Fit focuses on the endurance, strength and agility that make soccer players better on the field.

The masterminds behind the program, James Wagenschutz and Nikki Marshall, bring together an approach of science and experience to create your perfect 60-day workout schedule. 

Full 90 Fit Trainers - James Wagenschutz and Nikki Marshall- James Wagenschutz and Nikki Marshall

Marshall has experience playing in the National Women’s Soccer League and has represented the United States on the international stage. Coach Wags brings to the table a master’s degree in sports medicine specializing in strength and conditioning and has worked with professional athletes – from Olympians to National Team players – for 20+ years. Check out more about the program below.

This pair will become your own personal coaches for the next two months with guides, videos and interactive tools to help you each day.

Full 90 Fit uses a scientific approach by focusing on a person’s three metabolic pathways and developing them to build endurance. 

Each week Coach Nikki and Coach Wags will have you lifting, conditioning and working on strength + work capacity. A detailed plan and tips are provided with each workout. 

Full 90 Fit Example Video

For example, you won’t simply be told to, “go run 600 meters.” Instead, you are given target times to hit, expected heart rates, a step-by-step guide on what to do when running and five tips on how to complete the task and avoid injury.

If getting into soccer shape is your desired destination, then Full 90 Fit is the expressway there. Sign up here to get your soccer shape journey started and get an exclusive, limited time discount of 25% off with the code: "FULL90FRIENDS."

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