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Steamer N3onOnYT leaks messages that confirm Eden Hazard’s transfer to Inter Miami

In a world full of Fabrizio Romanos, Gianluca Di Marzios and David Ornsteins — some of the most prominent transfer gurus in all of soccer — here's a drastic change of pace: An 18-year-old American streamer might’ve beat every journalist with the exclusive confirmation of what would be one of the biggest transfers this summer. 

All after accidentally leaking a Twitter direct message conversation.

“If you are ever in Miami let me know.” – N3onOnYT leaks Hazard transfer to Miami

Yes, as you read it.

On Saturday, July 8, Kick streamer Rangesh Mutama, popularly known as N3ON, prepared to show his audience that a famous soccer player had reached out to him on social media saying they’re a fan of his videos. After much speculation from his viewers, the player ended up being Eden Hazard.

@kesqt No Way N3on is talking to Eden Hasard #n3on #n3onclips #fyp #viral ♬ original sound - Kes

Eden Hazard, a 32-year-old Belgian, is apparently a fan of the 18-year-old American streamer that plays NBA 2K. We are failing to make the connection.

Anyhow, after boasting about the potential collaboration, N3ON then decided to show his viewers the messages that Hazard sent him on Twitter, only failing to realize that one of the messages was indirectly confirming his next club transfer.

“My friend told me about you, you are truly funny as hell. If you are ever in Miami let me know,” said the former Chelsea player.

This cordial invitation to the city of Miami — a detail that ultimately went over N3ON's head — only confirms the rumors of recent weeks that placed the free agent under the radar of MLS, more specifically Inter Miami.

If Hazard arrives to play in the state of Florida, the winger would become Miami’s third European acquisition this summer, following Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets’ transfers to the club last month.

Eden Hazard's transfer probability to Miami, before this hilarious leak, was already high.

However, with the ongoing rumors of the Belgian coming to play in MLS and the direction Inter Miami's board is taking with their transfers, topped off with N3ON and Hazard's conversation, the likeliness of him playing alongside Messi and Busquets is now even higher.

So, no, N3ON. You shouldn't fear receiving a message from the Hazard camp any time soon. Or even from Hazard himself, ever, again.

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