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Alex Morgan Goes Undercover As Barista, Shows Why She Plays Football Not Handball

Before the NWSL and its players signed the league’s first CBA earlier this year, many players had to take side hustles to help support themselves under meager salaries. Finally guaranteed a living wage, NWSL players are now taking side hustles for fun — and it’s a good thing considering how Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara fared as baristas this week.

Ahead of Saturday’s nationally televised clash between Morgan’s San Diego Wave and O’Hara’s defending champion Washington Spirit, the two USWNT stars teamed up to (attempt to) serve coffee at Café Unido in Washington, D.C. Morgan was already in town anyway having helped the U.S. beat Nigeria 2-1 on Tuesday. 

The duo acted as baristas on Wednesday while also giving coffee drinkers free T-shirts and tickets to Saturday’s match. Neither Morgan nor O’Hara looked like they have what it takes to be a barista, but hey, no one starts out as an expert. Morgan appeared to burn or almost burn herself a time or two, so it’s a good thing she makes a living off her feet and not her hands.

Alex Morgan And Kelley O’Hara Undercover Baristas

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Don’t quit your day job.

Some of the patrons at Café Unido seemed to have no idea they were being served coffee by two-time World Cup winners. Most seemed to know what was up, probably because the Spirit advertised the fact star footballers would be there

In case you’re too busy to watch an eight-minute video, some of the highlights were Morgan giving her daughter Charlie “ice agua” a couple times, Spirit owner Michele Kang showing up and a dude ordering a cup of joe that cost $80 only for Morgan and O’Hara to put their hands and sniffers all over the beans.

The whole publicity stunt was a great way to get folks in the area to come to Saturday’s match, which kicks off at 1 p.m. Saturday and will be nationally broadcast on CBS. The Spirit once again will offer free beer to the first 1,000 fans at Audi Field, and we know O’Hara loves beer.

Morgan’s Wave currently lead the NWSL with 31 points from 18 matches, an impressive showing from the expansion club. The Spirit sit in 11th (out of 12 teams) on a meager 13 points, with the defending champs at risk of missing the playoffs without a huge late-season push. 

On the bright side, O’Hara is making herself useful in other ways, both as a barista and a baby saver.

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