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Pernille And Magda Go To KFC, And I Can’t Stop Laughing With The Chelsea Superstars

There are few power couples in sports more accomplished than Pernille Harder and Magdalena Eriksson. There’s Megan and Sue and Mia and Nomar, and after that it’s pretty debatable (sorry Mal and Dansby, you’ve got some catching up to do). But despite their many accomplishments on the pitch, Pernille and Magda are just like the rest of us off the pitch. And as a recent trip to KFC showed, their relationship is full of laughs.

The UK version of KFC has a video series called Wingmen, where teammates take a drive to KFC to buy some fried chicken and answer questions. Hijinks generally ensue, like the “Colonel’s Quiz” where players have to answer questions. I don’t know what British Kentucky Fried Chicken tastes like, but I know these videos are hecking hilarious. 

The latest episode dropped on Thursday and features Harder and Eriksson, Chelsea teammates who have been an item since 2014.

Harder is a Denmark legend and two-time UEFA Women’s Player of the Year; she joined Chelsea in 2020 in large part because Eriksson has been with the club since 2017 and is the team captain. Eriksson is a two-time Olympic silver medalist and earned a bronze medal at the 2019 Women’s World Cup with Sweden. The pair went viral when they were photographed kissing after a World Cup match.

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Needless to say, this couple gets along well on and off the pitch, even if they play on opposite ends of the field. (Pernille is a forward while Eriksson is a defender.)

In this latest episode of Wingmen (WingWomen?), Harder drives a Porsche to KFC with Eriksson in the passenger’s seat. The couple answer questions, make jokes and even make fun of each other a little bit.

By far the best part is at 4:29 in the above video, when Eriksson asks Harder what her party trick is.

“You get drunk and you throw up,” Harder responds.

Probably true, as the couple admitted Harder was on “girlfriend duty” after Eriksson drank too much when Chelsea celebrated last season’s FA WSL championship, but in turns out the Swede can open beer bottles with her teeth. Impressive. 

I challenge you to watch the video without cracking a laugh, or at least a smile. The only sad part of the video is when Magda and Pernille talk about who they’re close to on the men’s team and don’t mention Christian Pulisic. Clearly the American needs to make more friends in London. 

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