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Top 18 Soccer Terms You Need To Know For The Women's World Cup

#18 Group of Death: 

Of the eight World Cup groups, the one judged to be the most difficult. Think Germany, Portugal, USA and Ghana in 2014.

#17 Tackle: 

Taking the ball from an opponent using your feet. Can also be a slide tackle — a favorite of the mad lads.

#16 Dead Ball: 

When play is stopped and the ball is not moving. A dead ball situation is a set piece (corner, free kick, penalty).

#15 Mark: 

Guarding an opponent. Man-to-man coverage.

#14 Dead rubber: 

A meaningless game contested between two nations (usually a third group stage match between two already eliminated nations).

#13 Offside: 

The player is offside, not “offsides”. Remember that or you're going to have a terrible time at the pub.

#12 Brace: 

A player scoring two goals in one match.

#11 Golazo: 

Better than a goal — a great goal.

#10 Nutmeg: 

Putting the ball through a defender’s legs. The ultimate humiliation.

#9 Clean sheet: 

A shutout. Like 0 - 0 you dingus.

#8 Cap: 

Making an appearance for your national team. You collect caps, but not in the way that 50 Cent did.

#7 Simulation: 

Diving, flopping, trying to con the referee. Being a total prick.

#6 Added Time: 

The time added before half and before the final whistle to account for stoppages in play (goal celebrations, injuries, substitutions, etc.). The clock doesn't stop, but in a special sort of way, it does!

#5 Extra Time: 

Overtime (two 15-minute periods, followed by penalties if necessary).

#4 Dark horse: 

A team with the potential to become the tournament’s Cinderella story. The overlooked underdogs.

#3 Panenka: 

A penalty kick technique in which the taker delicately lobs the ball right down the middle, devilishly deceiving the goalkeeper. Think Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup Final.

#2 Golden Ball and Golden Boot: 

The two most prestigious individual awards handed out at the conclusion of the tournament — the Golden Boot is awarded to the competition’s top goalscorer, the Golden Ball is awarded to its best player.

#1 Super sub: 

The cat who jumps off the bench in the 80th minute to score a vital goal.

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