He Criticized His Coach. It Went Worse Than He Could Have Possibly Imagined.

United Arab Emirates footballer Abdullah Qassem will have a lot of time to think about what he said about his national team coach while he's stewing in prison.

the 29-year-old UAE international reportedly criticised UAE coach Mahdi Ali and used "indecent gestures" in a video that ended up being seen by the Abu Dhabi Court of Misdemeanors, which handed Qasem and the unnamed person who filmed the video three-month jail sentences for their insubordination.

North Korea’s Big Soccer Match Is As Weird And Organized As You Think It Is

It is absolutely shocking that North Korea has allowed itself to fall in love with soccer. For those who don’t know, the totalitarian state does all it can to repress its population, which has little freedom and almost no opportunity to express itself. Information on the outside world is controlled to the point that the average citizen probably knows less about world politics than you or I know about the chemical composition of Raid.

Ronaldinho And Samuel Eto'o Are Reuniting In Turkey

Look out world, or at least Turkey. Turkish club Antalyaspor has announced the signing of Barcelona and Brazil national team legend Ronaldinho, to be made official within the next few days. 

Did we mention that Antalyaspor already has Samuel Eto'o committed for next year? 

He also alluded to a third big-name signing, so let the speculation begin. We think it'll either be Didier Drogba, or someone who played with Ronaldinho and Eto'o at Barcelona, like Carles Puyol or Rafa Marquez. 

Defender Dribbles 75 Yards, Beats Opposition, Scores Best Goal In A-League History

Tarek Elrich hadn’t scored in over two seasons; he put that right this weekend with a dramatic solo goal

A 48-Year-Old Japanese Player Broke His Own Oldest-Goalscorer Record

Kazuyoshi Miura is a little more active than the typical 48-year-old, as we can see from this header.

It Shouldn’t Get Worse Than One Player Punching Another. It Did For South Korea.

3 punches to the face. 2 red cards. 1 flying kick to the chest. Uzbekistan may have actually killed a player for crying’ out loud.