Champions League

Barca Set A UCL Record By Attempting Nearly 1,000 Passes Against Gladbach

The school of Barcelona detests the characterization of tiki-taka when discussing their style of play, so let’s just say that Barca passed the s*** out of Gladbach when the two teams met on Tuesday in the Champions League.

One of the reasons that this conception of zonal play is met with such derision from the likes of Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique is the fact that it denotes an attack devoid of entertainment and sterile in the extreme.

Edinson Cavani Is Actually Good

Look at what this fool Edinson Cavani did.

Celtic Fan Arrested For Throwing Hamburger At Police Horse

We interrupt you mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed to bring you this very important tweet about a man throwing a hamburger at a police horse.

Besiktas Fans Flock To Airport At 4 AM To Support Team After 6-0 Loss

Turkish football supporters are unwavering. They’re unwavering in their delight at waving “Welcome to Hell!” signs at opposition teams when arriving in Turkey, at lighting enough flares and creating enough noise to actually make their home stadia seem like hell and in their support of their beloved clubs. Istanbul’s Besiktas are 14-time champions of the Turkish top-flight, but they’ve never advanced from the group stage of the Champions League.

Raul Jimenez Scores In Benfica Loss, They Advance To UCL Knockout Stage Anyway

Benfica needed either a win against Napoli or a Besiktas loss to Dynamo Kiev Tuesday to advance to the Champions League knockout stage. They lost, 2-1, but Besiktas lost even worse (6-0).

The Portuguese side's lone goal was scored by Mexican international striker Raul Jimenez, who showcased just about the best-case scenario for the high press with his tackle and goal.

Bayern Munich Are Going To Be A Disastrous Draw For Whoever Lands Them

We’re one final match day away from wrapping up the Champions League group stage, but we can already draw a number of conclusions based on Tuesday’s play. For one, whoever draws group runners-up Bayern Munich in the round of 16 has every reason to feel extremely aggrieved.

By virtue of finishing behind Atletico, Bayern could conceivably be drawn against the likes of Barcelona, Arsenal, Juventus, Leicester City or Borussia Dortmund/Real Madrid (the battle between Dortmund and Madrid in Group F will be settled tomorrow).

Yannick Carrasco Ruined Santiago Arias' Thanksgiving

They don't have Thanksgiving in the Netherlands, but, if they did, Santiago Arias' Thanksgiving would be ruined by Yannick Carrasco.

Look at what Carrasco did to this poor man.