Liverpool Owns Manchester City

If you watched the Liverpool-Manchester City match on Saturday, the one thing you were probably thinking was, "what is going on?" A Kompnay-less Manchester City defense was shredded by Jurgen Klopp's bunch en rout to a 4-1 victory in the Etihad. All of Liverpool's goals vs Manchester City were beauties aside from the own-goal by Mangala. The Brazilian's for Liverpool were who stole the show though. Philipe Coutinho and Roberto Firminho each registered a goal and an assist to one another.

England Goals Vs France

Fans stood with heavy hearts across the globe as England and France took the pitch today for an international friendly to momentarily allow people to take their minds off of the horrid events that occured last Friday in Paris. As red, white and blue lights glowed across the Wembley arch before the match, the old rivals set aside their footballing hate to stand united with one another. Then, it was the Three Lions show. Wayne Rooney and Dele Alli scored two beauties to give England a 2-0 victory over France.

Coutinho Ruins Chelsea

It has been a disappointing start to the season so far for the lads from Stamford Bridge. Things at the Cobham training Centre aren't going to get easier after Liverpool and Philipe Coutinho beat Chelsea 3-1 this past weekend. After opening the scoring in the fourth minute, it looked like a rejuvenated Chelsea squad would be able to handle the new look Reds. Philipe Countinho's two goals for Liverpool were vintage Coutinho, as he showed his range with his left and right foot. 

Arsenal Team Golazo vs Norwich 2013

When Arsenal are playing well, their passes are crisp, they're holding possession and they score beautiful goals that keep Arsene Wenger from actually getting a legit striker. With that said, this Arsenal goal vs Norwich in 2013 was a masterpiece. The Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud link up displayed tikki-takka football at its finest and it arguably was the best goal of that 2013 campaign. Lets break it down. 

This Homeless Man Wants To Fix His Community. The Player He Hated Growing Up Just Let Him.

It’s hard to not believe Wesley Hall when he talks. In his recent interview with the BBC concerning the Manchester Angels — a homeless activist group he leads — being granted permission to squat in a building by Gary Neville, he cuts a contrasting figure to the other homeless men that preceed him. They, as well-meaning and nice as they seem, cannot match Hall’s obvious wit and conviction. 

Daniel Sturridge Volley Vs Aston Villa

It was a long time coming but he's back. This Daniel Sturridge volley vs Aston Villa may just be the thing that Liverpool has needed all season, a threat at the striker position. With Liverpool already up  1-0, Sturridge received a pass and did what he does best. He sent it off to James Milner and bolted into the box and was on the recieving end of a great ball back from Milner. The world class finish was and abosulte beaut, and was well deserved after the long road back from injury for Sturrdg. 

Christian Eriksen Goal For Tottenham

This Christen Eriksen goal for Tottenham is what Spurs fans were expecting from the Denmark international this season. The lad has had a slow start in the Premier League, but his two goal performance this weekend may be a sign for what's to come from the 23-year-old. Sitting in the middle of the tabe and coming off a 4-1 shalacking of first place Chelsea, Tottenham looked to steal three points from a solid Swansea team who hasn't won since their 2-1 victory over Manchester United back in August.

Alexis Sanchez Goal vs Manchester United

An Alexis Sanchez goal in the first five minutes of the match vs Manchester United set the tone for the Gunners as they marched their way to a 3-0 victory in the Emirates this weekend. Alexis Sanchez continued his tear netting this ridiculous back heel to put the Gunners up 1-0. Only a minute late Mesut Ozil added to the tally and the route was on. It was a vintage Arsenal performance as the Gunners played with pace and creativity, while Manchester United looked stuck in the mud. The result was what Arsenal needed after coming off a Champions League loss to Olympiakos.

England's Euro 2015 Headquarters Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Having already secured qualification for Euro 2016 at the top of Group E, Roy Hodgson and England have already switched gears, looking forward to the start of the tournament and setting their sights on winning their first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup. 

However, England is already facing their first obstacle in France before they have even arrived.