Expert Nutritionists Provide 3 Easy Tips To Help You Navigate The Holiday Season

A holiday season done right celebrates the greatest aspects of family, food and relaxation, but we all know that an excess of any of those three things can negatively impact our mind and body (sorry Aunt Linda!). 

It’s important to keep things in perspective. Your health or diet isn’t going to be completely sabotaged by one meal or even a handful of meals throughout the holiday season, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favorite foods to mark these special occasions; the key is to find a balance that allows you to feel good afterward. 

When Big Sean Said “Built A House On That Ass, That’s An Ass-State” He Was Talking About Hulk

Brazilian soccer star Hulk has certainly made some interesting decisions in his career, on and off the field. Leaving Europe to play five seasons in China and marrying his niece are prime examples. One thing the 35-year-old is clearly doing right is leg day at the gym.

Hulk plays with Atlético Mineiro in Brazil and went semi-viral Wednesday night for being the owner of the largest gluteus maximus in all of soccer. Atlético’s kit helped a little bit, but all credit to Hulk for never skipping leg day a single time in his life.

Con 60 Años Y Uno De Sus 50 Hijos En Cancha, Ronnie Brunswijk Protagoniza La Noche Más Concacaf Del 2021

Pasaron tantas cosas en el duelo por la Concacaf League entre el Inter Moengotapoe de Surinam y el Olimpia de Honduras que no queda otra que describir la jornada vivida en el estadio Franklin Essed de Paramaribo   como la noche más Concacaf de todo el 2021.

Todo gracias a este hombre: Roonie Brunswijk.

Thomas Tuchel Provides Update On Pulisic Ankle Injury, And It’s Great News For USMNT Fans

The USMNT injury updates include a mixed batch of good and bad news.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel gave a Christian Pulisic injury update after the American forward suffered a knock to the ankle during the USMNT’s 4-1 victory against Honduras. Good news U.S. and Chelsea fans, Pulisic will only be out for 10 days.

“For Christian, unfortunately he came yesterday on crutches and he has an ankle injury with about 10 days," Tuchel said.

Pochettino Answers The Million Dollar Question On If Messi Will Play On Saturday

PARIS — The arrival of Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain has created a positive mood at the Ligue 1 club but he is unlikely to play any part in Saturday's home game against Strasbourg, coach Mauricio Pochettino said.

Speaking at Friday's news conference ahead of the league fixture after Messi joined PSG from Barcelona earlier this week, Pochettino added his first task was to make sure a star-studded outfit began to look the sum of its parts.

Se Queda Sin Su Compadre Messi Y Ahora Se Lesiona: La Semana Más Amarga De Sergio Agüero

Estos últimos días han sido bastante complicados para el Barcelona. De partida, Lionel Messi no pudo renovar su contrato debido a los problemas financieros que atraviesa el club y debió dejar la institución luego de 17 temporadas construyendo su leyenda. Y ahora, por si no fuera poco, el gigante de LaLiga se quedará sin otra figura clave durante los próximos dos meses: Sergio Agüero.

What Unites Us All? Passion For Soccer And Love For PB&Js

No game brings people together from around the world like soccer, just like no sandwich is able to unify our global taste buds quite like a PB&J. Millions will find joy in watching the competition in Japan, just like tens of millions enjoy peanuts for their versatility, taste and nutritional value. 

To celebrate the teams that are competing for the highest honor on the women’s side of the tournament, we’re teaming up with the National Peanut Board to examine each country’s passion for the game and love of peanuts.   

The Dos And Don’ts Of College Preseason

The best and worst time of year is approaching. The month of August is a time of heat waves, two practices a day, beep tests and a strange obsession with ice baths. Whether it is your first college preseason or your last, there is nothing that can truly prepare you for a month's worth of only seeing your teammates and taking power naps whenever you get the chance. Pushing your body to its limits and playing the game you love is bittersweet, even though you will probably dislike your life when you finish the beep test and go straight into small sided games.