Ted Lasso Season 2 Trailer Arrives With Premiere Scheduled For July 23

*Watch the Ted Lasso — Season 2 trailer above*

Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead if you still refuse to believe in this show’s excellence and haven’t watched it.

Great news everyone: Three months from now (July 23), we’ll be back in the comforting world of AFC Richmond and its hilariously uplifting manager with the release of Ted Lasso — Season 2 on Apple TV+.

David Beckham Refuses To Work While Doing Doughnuts Beneath The Overpass

Sometimes I think about how little that vast majority of life and its hard-knock lessons pertain to David Beckham. Yes, he once gave Diego Simeone a love tap on the knee-pit, but that 23-year-old incident hardly caused Golden Balls to shrink from being fully alive for the rest of his days.

You Heard The Promos, Now Hear CBS Basketball Announcers Show Just How Much They Care About Champions League

I spent a fair amount of time over the past month watching a sport other than soccer. The men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments returned from a year hiatus and produced thrilling competitions, with the Stanford women and Baylor men claiming the titles. Soccer fans who watched the tourneys will have noticed two things: The repeated use of FIFA songs in commercials/promos and basketball announcers pretending to know what they’re talking about while plugging the Champions League on Paramount+.