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The Inside Story Of The Biggest Campaign In World Cup History

We all love new technology and want to know when flying cars and robot servants will arrive like in the Jetsons. But it’s easy to overlook the incremental changes in technology happening right in front of us, right now. The recent Budweiser World Cup campaign gave soccer fans a glimpse into a future where the packaging of everyday objects — beer in this case — could revolutionize how we interact with brands, the world around us and each other.

Mesut Ozil Retires From German National Team Due To “Racism And Disrespect”

Mesut Ozil has retired from international football at the age of 29, citing “racism and disrespect” from the German football federation (DFB). Ozil had 92 caps for Germany and helped the nation capture third place at the 2010 World Cup before lifting the trophy in 2014. The Arsenal playmaker issued a detailed statement on Twitter with the main contents concerning the fallout of his meeting with Turkish president Recep Tayyip before the World Cup.

Here are his statements in full, read them (click/tap) before commentating:

The Beautiful Meaty French Forehead Of Olivier Giroud Is About To Get Meatier

Admirers of beauty around the world felt a strong disturbance in the force on Saturday. The mere thought on an Olivier Giroud shaved head will do that. 

Some folks are blessed with gorgeous faces, chiseled chins and beautiful hair. Others, like myself, would love to have just one of those traits. Giroud firmly falls into the former category, the Frenchman looking more like a model than a footballer. 

FIFA Men's World Cup Winners Ranked From Worst To Best

You know when you’re a young child growing up and your teachers at school or church tell you everyone was created equally and should be respected as such? Well that’s BS when it comes to World Cup winners. 

FIFA has put on 21 World Cups dating back to 1930. In them we’ve had deserving World Cup winners like Brazil in 1970 and Spain in 2010 and some underdog World Cup winners like Uruguay in 1950 or West Germany in 1954. 

Forget Who Actually Won. Here's Who Really Deserved To Win Every World Cup

It happens all the time in American college football — a school or organization retroactively decides a national championship decades after the season has completed. For decades college football didn’t have a tournament to decide the best team, so everyone made their own judgements, from current powerhouses to wannabe powerhouses.

Fox Watch: World Cup Final TV Ratings Reflect Poor Fox Performance

The World Cup TV ratings are in for the entire tournament, including the incredible World Cup final on Sunday — and they don’t look good for Fox.

The World Cup final in which France beat Croatia 4-2 averaged 17.2 million viewers across FOX and Telemundo, including streaming numbers — a massive drop from the 26.5 million (TV alone) who watched Germany beat Argentina four years prior.

These 18 World Cup Statistics Will Blow Your Mind

It’s already a few days after the 2018 World Cup, and if you’re like us, you're still hanging on to anything that's related to the best tournament in sports. Whether it be something about the team of the tournament, a debate about Griezmann’s dive or VAR, no one wants to forget the tournament that might have been the best World Cup ever.

Trevor Noah Gets Real In Response To Criticism For Saying Africa Won The World Cup

Trevor Noah is African; he is also a soccer fan. On an episode of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah this week, the comedian celebrated a World Cup victory for Africa, because many of France’s players are of African descent. But the Trevor Noah France comments did not go over too well with everyone, including French ambassador to the U.S. Gérard Araud. 

“I said Africa won the World Cup,” Noah said. “I was shocked at how angry a lot of French people got.”

Photoshop Artists Fool Everyone With Laughable Fake FIFA Team Of The World Cup

FIFA released its team of the World Cup a few days ago, and it stirred up a bit of debate on social media outlets as it looked like FIFA had made some interesting decisions. 

In the era of fake news, some find it difficult to discern what is fact and what is not. For two Twitter users, Fredrik (@F_Edits) and @ClinicalFirmino, they single-handedly managed to troll almost every soccer fan in the world.