UNOZERO adds gorgeous Turf and Futsal to its boots offering — we've got an exclusive discount

The noise is unrelenting. From the moment we wake until our day's complete, we're exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads that enter our consciousness and demand consideration. The market around the game of soccer is no different, where footwear brands promise innovations that can make you stronger, faster and more powerful than you'd ever imagined — only to declare them obsolete just months later as the newest product is rolled out. We get swept away by technological "advances" and spend hundreds of dollars wrapping our feet in unforgiving synthetic plastic.

Expert Nutritionist Provides Tips & Tricks For Maintaining Fitness And Avoiding Injury

Preseason training is in the past, school is in session and the fall season is now in full swing. 

When you think about what you want to accomplish over the coming months, there's a lot that's out of your control — things that are dependent on your coach, the opponent, etc. — but you can give yourself the best possible chance of success by maintaining a routine that keeps you prepared, elevates your performance and ultimately reduces your risk of injury. 

Getting Back In Shape For Soccer Season? An Expert Nutritionist Is Here To Help

Summer vacation is over. If you've been avoiding the heat by staying inside and relaxing on the couch in front of the TV with a selection of your favorite processed foods, the idea of whipping yourself into shape for the fall can certainly feel daunting.  

But whatever your soccer goals, fitness ambitions or workout plans are, your best intentions can be sabotaged by failing to recognize the importance of nutrition, hydration and recovery in your daily training regimen.

Even If You Hate Her, You Might Agree With Rapinoe’s Comments On Trans Inclusion In Sports

Across the United States, trans inclusion in sports has been a major topic of discussion. As of May 2022, 18 states had either enacted laws or issued rules limiting or outright banning transgender athletes from participating in youth sports such as soccer. Even if you hate her politics, you might actually agree with how Megan Rapinoe feels about transgender athletes. 

FIFA Reviewing Transgender Eligibility After Swimming’s Inhumane Changes

World soccer's governing body FIFA and World Athletics said on Monday that they are reviewing their transgender eligibility policies, after swimming passed new rules that restrict transgender participation in women's events.

Qatar Says World Cup Will Be Carbon Neutral; Climate Advocates Disagree

DOHA — Climate advocates have cast doubt on Qatar's efforts to host soccer's first carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup by offseting or eliminating emissions that contribute to global warming, according to a report released Tuesday.

Organisers in the Gulf Arab state are omitting some greenhouse gas emissions from their calculations and will rely on flimsy carbon offsets to reach carbon neutrality, said the report, complied by Carbon Market Watch, an advocacy group.

Romania’s FCSB Denies Owner’s Suggestion To Not Play Vaccinated Players

Romanian side FCSB, formerly known as Steaua Bucharest, will not drop players who have received the Covid-19 vaccine after their owner Gigi Becali suggested they would no longer be selected, the club said on Wednesday.

Becali, the flamboyant owner of the club, told Romanian TV channel Pro X that vaccinated players would not be allowed to play as they are weaker. However, the club said that would not be the case, adding that Becali was only joking.

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Shin Guards, And Do They Really Help?

One of the greatest aspects of soccer is the ability for anyone to play anywhere, at any time — all you need is a ball and love for the game. There is but one piece of mandatory protection in official matches. So why do soccer players wear shin guards and nothing else, and are they effective?

Despite Intense Covid Surge, Premier League Has No Plans To Slow Down Busy Schedule

Premier League clubs have agreed to continue playing games scheduled over the festive period despite a surge in Covid-19 cases postponing several fixtures, the BBC reported on Monday.

Ten Premier League games have been postponed this month due to outbreaks amid a busy schedule where teams are set to play three times between Boxing Day and Jan. 3.