This Magic Trick Takes Shooting And Does Something Completely Different

Stuart Edge might be the corniest name I have heard in years, but he sure does know how to pull off a magic trick. 

It starts off with the usual take-a-card-any-card and then evolves into something involving a soccer ball, a kick, and Real Salt Lake’s Luke Mulholland. It makes sense in the end, except it kind of doesn’t, but your eye’s will be happy.  

VIDEO: Gareth Bale Nets Basketball Hoop Trick Shot

Gareth Bale is really happy that Sony Mobile are sponsoring the Champions League.

In a new video, he's shown giving his support for Sony Mobile as the new Champions League sponsors before hitting a trick shot with a basketball (he kicked it, obviously).

Why he did this, we can only speculate. The shot was cool, though. 

The Hardest Hitting Game Of Soccer

Have you ever wanted to just take out an opposing player for a bad tackle they committed? Look no further, because in this modified soccer match it is encouraged to hit your opponents as hard as possible. 

Bubble soccer is becoming another sporting craze that takes the world’s sport and puts on a twist. We’ve seen FootGolf, a hybrid of soccer and golf, that focuses on finesse and accuracy and now we can indulge on the dirty side of the sport. 

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Cruyff, Maradona, Ronaldinho. We have found the 10 best signature moves inspired by players and we show you how to pull them off. Better get your notebooks out.

The Best Trick Shots You Will Ever See In One Backyard

Kieran Brown - otherwise known as footballskills98 on YouTube - puts on a display of trick shots in this video you won't soon forget.