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Because Selling Jerseys Is Not Enough, Venezia FC Now Offers Fancy, Expensive Swimsuits

Venezia FC is not doing great on the field. With just two games left in the Serie A season, the team is dead last in the standings, and relegation is an unavoidable fate. But, off the pitch, oh boy! The club is shining and thriving because of its trendy fashion ventures. 

The arancioneroverdi have become one of the most hyped teams worldwide, and a massive reason behind this is the style conveyed in its jersey designs. The Kappa kits from the current campaign are a testimony of that success. 

Venezia FC Swimsuits

However, Venezia FC wants style beyond a soccer jersey. And that's why they decided to partner with local brand Lido to create a swimsuit capsule collection inspired by the team's colors: orange, black and green. 

According to the official description, all the pieces bring "timeless silhouettes, minimalist designs and solid bold colors." The club also emphasized that the clothing is produced in Venice with sustainable fabrics.

"When we approached Lido, we wanted to create a beautiful collection that celebrated Venezia FC and the city of Venice, but there was also a higher purpose," explained the team chief marketing officer Ted Philipakos. "For Venezia FC, we want to leverage our position in this city and in the world's most popular sport to help uplift inspiring local brands like Lido and tell stories that help move our city forward."

The collection includes two options for women – a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini – and a short in three different colors for men. 

As you can see, the designs are pretty standard and muted. Yet, Venezia FC and Lido decided to charge absolutely insane and unjustifiable amounts of money for each piece: $175 for the ladies' swimsuits and $250 for the gentlemen's.

But you know, nothing is expensive when you want to show your love for your team on the beach, right?

FYI: The Venezia FC swimsuits are available in the store of the Italian team and ship worldwide. 

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