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Santi Muñoz Becomes The Movie Hero In Mexico's Third-Place Finish

Mexico and Newcastle real-life striker Santiago Muñoz has never been as close to emulating Mexico and Newcastle Goal! movie-character striker Santiago Muñez as he was this Sunday after becoming the hero in a 2-0 victory over Colombia. It's a win that allowed El Tri to finish third at the U-21 Maurice Revello Tournament. 

After a crushing 4-1 defeat against France last Thursday, Mexico was looking to cure its wounds and get revenge, and Colombia wasn't good enough as a team to stop it. 

Santi Munoz Goal and Assist vs. Colombia 

Always more audacious in front of the goal, Mexico didn't take long before opening the score — a cross from Benjamin Galdames found Santi Muñoz's head, and El Tri went ahead 1-0 in the 15th minute. 

Colombia tried to get back into the match here and there, but the Mexican defense looked way stronger than a couple of nights ago, denying its opponent's efforts in a very effective fashion. 

Eventually, Colombia started to be more negligent in its backline, and México punished that careless spirit with a combination between Muñoz and Efraín Álvarez, who scored the second. The player from LA Galaxy struck the ball with his left foot in a wonderful first-touch finish. 

The game was done.

Once the match ended, Muñoz gave his thoughts about the tournament and how he felt about his first year in Newcastle. 

"In the beginning, I struggle a little with an injury and Covid," he said. "It was hard to adapt, but now I feel happy. I came to this tournament willing to give all I have, and I feel happy with my performance. I need to get in better shape but now it's preseason, and I hope to feel better and not have so many injuries."

Mexico vs Colombia Highlights | Maurice Revello Tournament

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