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Club América fans are furious after referee makes the correct calls in Leagues Cup

Nashville SC defeated Club América 2-2 (6-5 on penalty kicks) Wednesday night in the Leagues Cup to advance to the quarterfinals. The result has become highly controversial with América/Mexico fans calling it a robbery.

The biggest talking point came in the penalty shootout when it initially looked like América goalkeeper Luis Malagón had won his side the game when he denied Jack Maher.

América players and fans celebrated, however moments later VAR stepped in and determined that Malagón had stepped off his line prior to saving the kick.

Malagon off his line

Malagon off his line

The rule is quite simple. During penalty kicks goalkeepers are required to keep at least one foot on or behind the goal line. Malagón clearly had both feet in front of the line prior to making the save. This was the correct call. 

América’s ensuing penalty kick would hit off the crossbar and Daniel Lovitz then stepped up to win it for Nashville.

Nashville won the game fair and square but that hasn’t stopped fans from claiming the tournament is rigged.

One TikTok, which has amassed nearly a million views, referred to the game as “one of the biggest robberies in the history of the sport.”

Let’s next address Nashville’s 99th minute equalizer. Initially it does look suspicious that a goal was scored in the ninth minute of stoppage time when the fourth official said there were only five minutes. It’s not too hard to figure out though.

There is a MINIMUM of five minutes stoppage time.

In the 89th minute play was stopped after a handball by Nashville in the box. A lengthy VAR review then took place with the actual kick not happening until the 94th minute. A solid minute of celebrating took place after the América goal.

There’s your extra five minutes and why it went to 99 minutes guys. Maybe mark a little better in the box and you wouldn’t concede in the final minute of the game.

The arguments made just don’t really hold much weight. Malagón clearly stepped off his line and the amount of stoppage time added on was correct. Nashville wins.

Here are the full highlights from the game.

Nashville vs. Club América Leagues Cup full highlights

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