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Guardiola In The Face Of Shock Elimination: My Future Is At Bayern

Bayern Munich manager pep Guardiola certainly seems to be keeping cool under pressure as he faces the prospect of Champions League elimination tomorrow at 2:45 p.m EST. 

One of the very best teams in the world, Bayern find themselves trailing FC Porto 3-1 on aggregate. Because they scored an away goal in the first leg, Bayern only needs to win 2-0 in order to advance, which, given the talent level the club commands, is entirely possible. 

Still, the confidence that Pep Guardiola showed in a press conference prior to his biggest match of the year comes as a bit of a surprise, as getting knocked out by Porto would be a failure. An inconceivable one at that. 

"I know that it's not enough to win the German championship, and maybe even the cup as well. This is Bayern Munich, and it's like at Real Madrid or Barcelona: Only the Treble is enough.”

"When you win games you are a genius, but when you lose you have big problems. That's just normal at such a big club."

"My future sees me taking training on Wednesday, and hopefully making another step towards winning the championship against Hertha on Saturday. And my future is certainly here next season."

Despite their unfortunate position going into the second leg, Bayern are still in the running for the treble. They lead the Bundesliga by 12 points with 9 games left, and will play in the semi-final of German domestic cup at the end of April. 

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