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He Had The Whole Net To Aim For, But Somehow The Keeper Saved His Shot…Twice.

For a moment, Gonzalo Bueno on the Uruguayan U20 national team saw his dreams laid out in front of him. He got on the end of a perfect pass, played it brilliantly, got past a defender and a goalkeeper without even touching the ball. The net was gaping and it must have felt like something out of a childhood fantasy. Perhaps that thought was too mesmerizing, because instead of scoring, he made a fool of himself. Or, more accurately, he let an Angelo Campos double save go down as one of the greatest saves of all time. 

All you need to know about how shocking that Angelo Campos double save was is shown in how Bueno acts after it.

Angelo campos double save: #2.

Once he gets denied (and I mean DENIED) a second time, he goes down “injured.” It’s like some combination of disbelief, shame, and a defense mechanism for his pride demanded that he act like the victim in the situation. And really, we can’t blame him, because when you have that much of the goal to shoot on, you should score. Every time. 

But, as embarrassing as Bueno's shot and post-save embellishment were, this is all about that save. Campos could not have cut it any closer than he did with that first one. He sprinted a good 25 yards and still only managed to get to the ball inches before it crossed the line. AND THEN HE DIDN'T SWITCH OFF. How many people would have just been content with laying in their own net until it was too late, until the striker was a step away from drilling the ball into that back of the net? Many, but not Campos. He desire turned what was a brilliant save into one of the greatest double saves ever. 

If you liked that Angelo Campos double save, here are some more unbelievable – and hilarious – saves that we have seen. 

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And if you haven't heard of the legendary Scott Sterling, well, all you have to know is that he stopped five penalties in a row...WITH HIS FACE!

Then there's Memo Ochoa's brilliant display in goal for Mexico during the 2014 World Cup. 

Inspired, all of them. 

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