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How To Properly Celebrate Winning Your League

The 2014/15 football season is sadly coming to a close. It has been filled with highs and lows, champions and underdogs, and hundreds of reasons to remember why soccer is the sport we keep tuned to day-in and day-out. 

Across Europe, clubs are celebrating their wins throughout the many leagues and parading their trophies throughout their respective cities. Chelsea toured South London on a double decker bus with the Capitol One Cup, and Barcelona celebrated Xavi’s farewell with a title winning charge at the Camp Nou.

All of these are momentous occasions for the clubs, but Bayern Munich take home the prize for "Most Amazing Spectacle" while celebrating their 25th Bundesliga trophy. Even though Munich secured the league prior to their final match at home, the real celebrations began on matchday. Before kickoff, 25 balloons raised banners for each year the Munich giants have won the league. 

25 League titles fly through the stadium

Bayern Munich fly 25 banners by balloons to signify past wins in the Bundesliga. Photo: @FCBayern | Twitter 

Schweinsteiger and Lewandoski put away the two goals that ensured one final win during the Bundesliga to give Munich back-to-back Bundesliga titles.   

The match was followed by enough confetti to turn the grassy pitch red and white, a wonderful presentation that profiled each individual player in front of the Allianz Arena, and of course plenty of beer and beer showers. 

Even Thomas Muller, a possible candidate for captaincy next season, was getting involved in the action with the home crowd. He was handed a microphone and climbed up a high wall into the stands to lead over 70,000 German fans in a chant that will make any football fan’s hair stand on end. 

An absolutely superb demonstration by the fans and players alike after Munich’s final home match to make any club jealous of their fantastic support.

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