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Mario Gotze Says He Wants More Attention, Casts Doubt Over Future At Bayern

Mario Gotze has turned into one of the most disappointing players on Bayern Munich’s roster for fans. He has struggled to consistently perform and his attitude on the pitch has suffered accordingly. It’s shocking, really, to see the man that scored the game winning goal of the 2014 World Cup Final fall to such a level.  

Now, it seems, he has either issued a cry for help or an ultimatum to his manager, Pep Guardiola. Talking to the press after Bayern’s 3-0 win over Milan in the Audi Cup, he had the following to say:

"The last two years were definitely not very simple, we'll see what happens.”

"It will work out if Guardiola talks to me more often. I'm going to let everything come to me. Anything beyond that, we'll see."

These words are sure to rub Gotze’s detractors the wrong way. After a season in which he failed to impress, he appears to point outward as he assigns blame for his performances, and hints that his future at the club is uncertain.  

Gotze is undoubtedly talented; even if he did fall out with Bayern in the most ugly way possible, he would still be wanted by numerous top clubs. He knows this, and knows he can put pressure on Guardiola because of it. If Gotze ends up leaving, there will be no small amount of people blaming Guardiola for it.    

On the other hand, Gotze could sincerely just want more attention, which still comes across as spoiled, but adds the possibility that he genuinely wants to get better and just doesn’t know how to go about asking for help the proper way. 

Either way, Gotze’s words have only added to the gathering storm of gossip, rumors, and speculation that is that last month of the summer transfer window. 

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