The Keeper Went To Kick The Ball As Usual. He Was Crushed By What He Ended Up Doing.

This is a classic own goal, and it’s really unfortunate that that’s a thing. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a goalkeeper go to clear a back pass only to find the ball hopping just above their foot. A piece of grass or turf is the culprit, and that almost makes it worse.

It just takes an unbelievable amount of bad luck for a kicked-up lump of grass to land in a spot where it could pop a ball in to the air. If the universe could talk, it would whisper “f*** you” every time it happens. 

He Had The Whole Net To Aim For, But Somehow The Keeper Saved His Shot…Twice.

For a moment, Gonzalo Bueno on the Uruguayan U20 national team saw his dreams laid out in front of him. He got on the end of a perfect pass, played it brilliantly, got past a defender and a goalkeeper without even touching the ball. The net was gaping and it must have felt like something out of a childhood fantasy. Perhaps that thought was too mesmerizing, because instead of scoring, he made a fool of himself.

This Keeper Got Ejected For...Doing Security's Job For Them?

We're not a website that tends to complain about refereeing decisions, but we think Mohamed Sokhra might have a legitimate grip here. 

Sokhra was kind enough to do the ref's job for him by removing a pitch invader from the field, walking the rogue over to the official, gripping the man's collar. 

After Sokhra had delivered the hooligan to the proper autorities, the referee tossed him out of the game, just as he had tossed the pitch invader out.

We know. It makes no sense to us either. 

This Keeper Came Out Of The Goal…And Pulled Off What Might Be The Goal Of The Year

I wonder what was going through the mind of ADO goal keeper Martin Hansen before his teammate swung in a free kick in the 95th minute of ADO vs PSV. Was he thinking of glory? Maybe he was just hoping dearly that the ball wouldn’t fly anywhere close to him — actually scratch that. There is absolutely no way Hansen does what you are about to witness if he is thinking, “Oh God, please just not me.”

Martin Hansen just scored the front runner for the goal of the year, and he did it in stoppage time to tie the game, as a goal keeper…with a flying back heel. 

Embarrassing Goalkeeper Fails: Petr Cech Edition (Video)

First, it must be said that it's hard to give Petr Cech too hard a time about the thumping he took in Arsenal's season opener against West Brom. Despite the fact that the newly-minted Gunner gave up two pedestrian goals against West Brom, the former Chelsea striker does have more clean sheets in Premier League openers than any other keeper.

This Goalkeeper Drill Is Absolutely Unbelievable.

In their latest attempt to intimidate the Turkish Premier League, Fenerbahce have released video of their keepers performing superhuman feats of gymnastics and goalkeeping AT THE SAME TIME!

This is just about one of the most tiring thing we have ever seen. I can feel my thighs starting to burn just watching.  

Could This Champion Get Flipped Like The Rest At FC Porto?

The transfer of Iker Casillas from Real Madrid to Porto, from a sporting point of view, looks positive for all involved in the transaction.

However, it would not be surprising if the signing of the Spanish goalkeeper, despite his advanced age, ended up including him in a long list of players who have been bought at low prices and then sold at high ones by the Portuguese team.

The Reason They Call Him The Hulk

In the forested training ground of Zenit St. Petersburg lives one of the most powerful strikers in the modern game. Even fellow teammates aren’t safe from his rocket of a leg during practice, and this video shows why.  

Striding past three defenders and a shot at the end blew the goalkeeper straight through the back of the net. A quick apology at the end and Hulk is ready to have another go. 

Knocked Out: Keeper Takes One For The Team

Goal keepers put it all on the line to make sure the ball doesn’t go in the back of the net. However, it seems this time Lukas Kruse had little say in the matter.