Casillas Had To Make A Play. Instead He Got Scored On From 36 Yards Out

It would be unfair to call what is happening to Iker Casillas a downfall. He he’s taken a step down since the days of being known as the greatest goal keeper in the world, but that was always going to happen. Father time is undefeated. No, what he is going through just sucks to see, and at no point has it sucked more than when Casillas’ error against Braga over the weekend. 

He Faced Three Shots From 5 Feet Away. His Superhuman Saves Stopped Them All

Let’s just get something straight, the goalkeeper you are about to watch had no right to save any of these shots. If the strikers he was facing had put the ball anywhere pretty much anywhere except where they put them, they would have scored. But they didn’t, and now I can calmly say that the world just might be a better place for it. Close range tap in goals are a dime a dozen, but three superhuman saves in a row? That’s something worth writing about. 

Great Keepers Look At Two Things In Order To Save Penalty Kicks

If you are a soccer fan, the odds are that, at some point, you’ve heard someone say, “saving penalties is a lottery.” But, is it really?

Wilfredo Caballero saved three shots from the mark last weekend, giving Manchester City the Capital One Cup title in a shootout, was that luck, or is there a science behind stopping penalty kicks?

You can bet there is.

First of all, let’s think back in history. Many goalkeepers have made a name for themselves as specialists in stopping penalties.

10 Moments That Made This Soccer Weekend Awesome

What a fantastic weekend of soccer. So many brilliant goals, so many talking points. We compiled a list of ten of the best moments from the weekend, in no particular order. 

10. Dutch club walks out with lingerie models instead of kids.

Best Moments From The Weekend

A Shot Deflected 10 Feet In Front Of The Keeper. He Somehow Kept It Out.

When you think of a world-class save, you don't really think of Brentford. Actually, when you think of world class anything, you don't think of Brentford. 

Yet in a match against Preston North End, Brentford keeper David Button pulled off a world class save that any top-level keeper would have been proud of. 

Kevin Hart vs. Joe Hart: The Actor Tries To Score On The Goalkeeper

Ladies and Gentleman! The moment you've all been waiting for! Kevin Hart vs. Joe Hart!

Comedian Kevin Hart visited Manchester City's training complex with only one thing in mind...to convert a penalty against one of the most in-form keepers in the Premier League, Joe Hart. What followed was a penalty showdown of absolute ridiculousness. We don't want to rock the boat, but we suspect that Joe Hart may have thrown the contest. Maybe a little greasing of the wheels? Padding of the pockets? The fix is in guys! No? Whatever. Just watch it.

Part 1:

Bend It Like Ceni. This Goalkeeper Almost Scored More Free Kicks Than Beckham.

Sometimes we see freak cases where goalkeepers score goals, whether it be from a kick within the box that ends up in the opposite net or a last minute set piece. Rarely do you see a goalkeeper taking a free kick or a penalty kick. Even rarer do you see a keeper with over 100 goals. Because there’s only one. The man, the myth, the legend, Rogerio Ceni.

Penalty Kicks Always Favor The Shooter. A Keeper Reversed That For $134

Some say that stopping a penalty in soccer is the hardest thing to do in sports. There is no real penalty saving trick. The net is so large, the ball so small, and the shot is coming from such a close range that keepers must guess which way they are going to dive before the ball is hit to have a chance at saving it. Even if they dive in the correct direction it is unlikely they’ll be able to stop it. If they’re unlucky and dive the wrong direction, well, let’s just say that every keeper in the world has been left on the proverbial other side of the coin. 

This Goalie Scored A Dribble Goal Better Than Most Strikers' Efforts

Where counterattacks are concerned, the keeper's job is distribution. Get the ball, get it to one of the field players, put everything in motion then get back in your goal. 

This is not what Nacional's U-14 goalkeeper, Guillermo Centurion (what a name!) had in mind when he intercepted a corner kick. 

Instead of distributing to a field player, he distributed to himself. Then he led the counter, dribbled the length of the field, embarassed the other team's keeper and coolly slotted the ball home.

Memo Ochoa Started His First Club Game Since January. It Did Not Go Well

Memo Ochoa probably just needs a new team at this point.

The Mexican goalkeeper has fallen far from the lofty heights he achieved as one of the breakout players of the Brazil 2014 World Cup, having appeared only once so far for Spanish club Malaga so far this season.

That appearance came earlier this week in the Copa del Rey against Mirandes. Malaga lost, 2-1, which means something drastic is probably going to have to happen for Ochoa to see the field.