David Villa Went On Sesame Street Because He Is Awesome

New York City FC striker David Villa went on Sesame Street and it was awesome because I mean really how could it not be awesome.

Villa did some headers and he and Cookie Monster and Rosita ate some cookies and it was all adorable and fun.

Cookie Monster saying "we have faith in your soccer ability" is basically the best compliment of all time.

Besides that segment, we wonder how Villa interacted with the rest of the Sesame Street crew. He probably thought Big Bird was Zlatan.

Nike Creates Another Must-Watch Ad

Nike has a knack for creating really long advertisements for soccer. You have the older ads such as the three-minute 'Write the Future' ad and the the three-minute 'Take It To The Next Level' ad.

18 Seconds of Alex Morgan Is The Video We Want Our Lives To Be Like

Today, Alex Morgan stands as one of the most established players on the USWNT, but not too long ago she was just another talent trying to get into the national team. She’s come a long way since then, and we’ve been with her most of the way. Below, you’ll see our video, “18 Seconds of Alex Morgan,” as well as a small anthology of articles concerning our favorite lefty from Diamond Bar.

Messi Stars In Awesome New Adidas Commercial

Adidas just made a really cool commercial with Messi, but the commercial's intended message will shock you.

Don't worship Messi, make your own path. That's what Adidas wants. Adidas is sick and tired of people worshipping the athletes it pays untold millions of dollars for in exchange for those athletes endorsing Adidas's products, and Adidas can't take it anymore. 

Just watch:

Pele Goals: Watch The Best Of Them And Find Out Just How Many He Scored

Pele is a legend, the first player to be known around the world as the greatest to ever live. His status as the greatest of all time is up for debate today, but there is no denying his accomplishments.

So, if you call yourself a soccer fan, then you better know who he is. If you aren’t a soccer fan and you find yourself reading these words, then congratulations you are about to see a snapshot of what this guy was all about: goals. 

The New FIFA 16 Trailer Is Out And Pele Narrated It

The new FIFA 16 trailer is out, and it features a very special narrator: Pele. Pele, for those of you who don't know (and maybe found this site by accident, since it's all about soccer?) is the best player of all time. 

Pele muses about the beauty of the beautiful game, and we get some shots of FIFA gameplay showing that beauty, like Messi scoring an amazing goal and Diego Costa getting into a shoving match with Jordan Henderson.

Will the real FIFA 16 be filled with as much beauty as this trailer? Only Pele knows.