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Mexico advances in the Gold Cup: Is the fix in at CONCACAF?

Seriously, is the Gold Cup fixed? Miguel Herrera earlier claimed various forces were against Mexico in the tournament, but now it looks like various forces (and by "forces, we mean "referees") want Mexico to win win the Gold Cup more than they want anything in the world.

First, there was this penalty, which we'll call "dubious." 

I can see it both ways. But the Costa Rican team, and various Costa Rican politicians, were pissed.

A Political Party In Gabon Doesn't Like Lionel Messi's Wardrobe

Gabon's political opposition, in an effort to get some attention, has denounced the best footballer in the world.

Hulk Warns FIFA Of Russian Racism At World Cup

The question of whether or not Russia should host the 2018 World Cup still remains in the air after recent stories of corruption from Sepp Blatter and FIFA have risen. Should plans for the next World Cup stay the same, more issues besides corruption will come to light during the summer tournament. 

Highlights: Mexico Demolishes Cuba In The Gold Cup

It's actually sort of a slight on Mexico that they didn't beat Cuba by more last night.

El Tri had 44 shots on the night, but only sic of those went in. 

Oribe Peralta had a hat trick for Mexico, with Carlos Vela, Andres Guardado and Giovani dos Santos also scoring.

Cuba was down to 16 players after six players (plus the manager) were held up in Cuba and one defected after arriving in the United States. 

Is Messi The Best Ever? Not Without International Glory First.

Here’s a question for the ages: Can Lionel Messi be considered the greatest footballer who ever lived without winning a trophy in a major international tournament?

The answer is a definitive “no.”

The Eternal Debate: Who Is Better Gerrard Or Lampard?

With the culmination of the Premier League this season calling time on two of the most enduring figures in British football over the last 15 years as they make their way across the pond, there couldn’t be a better time to open up that old question – Gerrard or Lampard?

Copa America 2015: What To Expect, The History and The Four Favorites

South America’s most important and illustrious football tournament kicks off today. The Copa America 2015, live from Chile.

Interestingly, most people do not know the Copa America is actually the oldest continental football tournament in the world.

The US Just Beat Germany For The First Time Ever On German Soil

Ok, seriously guys, what is happening with the world? The United States was not supposed to be this good, this quickly. Jurgen Klinsmann wasn’t supposed to be finding kids practically off the street — or Straße, in this case — and turn them into world beaters. We shouldn’t have been up 2-1 at any point against Portugal in the World Cup. We shouldn’t have pulled off that ridiculous comeback against the Dutch last Friday.

Short-Tempered Sanchez Comes Close to Brawling With Teammate On The Pitch

Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez comes to terms with fellow Chilean teammate Marcelo Diaz on the pitch when they faced El Salvador in a friendly before the Copa America.