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The Greatest Goal Pele Ever Scored, Recreated

Pele is a legend. There is no disputing this, regardless of whether or not you think he is the greatest player of all time.

Sporting legends, however, usually have to deal with a much lower degree of hear-say in the chronicling of their career. The story of Pele’s life will never change by word-of-mouth as much as, say, Beowulf’s, but as this next video will show, that doesn’t mean that the soccer star’s storied career is not with out its fair share of, well, stories.

The 5 Players Who Will Elevate U.S. Soccer

It's been clear since Jürgen Klinsmann's final selection of the USMNT for Brazil 2014 - and, infamously, his exclusion of American star Landon Donovan - that he has an eye to the future. And that future is building U.S. Soccer into a powerhouse.